Zionist War Crimes – The Case For The Prosecution

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Several decades ago, people lived peacefully among one another in the Mid-East. Today, however, things have changed considerably. And the violence has spread considerably--far outside of the realm of the Palestinian-Israeli dispute.

This video takes you back in time. It shows actual footage of Israelis and Arabs dancing together in the streets, when violence was uncommon. Traversing the time lines, this video then takes you on a journey from the days of Herzl to today, showing numerous scenes that many of us in the West are completely ignorant--such as what occurred in Deir Yassin, Jenin, Lebanon, and many other cities that raised the Arabs' ire.

It also describes the Israelis' attack on the USS Liberty, which caused many innocent U.S. Navy crewmembers to die. The attack on the U.S. Library of Information in Egypt by the Israelis is also shown.

You will see much rare footage, which has been previously unknown to most of us in the West. Most of this footage was taken by individuals with video cameras, since camera crews are often forbidden in the midst of these ongoing battles. This video is not for the timid, and condemns all acts of violence, whether these acts are from Israelis or Arabs. However, "Zionist War Crimes" is unique in that it offers an objective view of what has occurred in the Mid-East, and recognizes that violence begets violence--something which all people should avoid.


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  •  William, if u actually took a few minutes of your life to examine the scenes, facts, u would see, although seemingly a propaganda film, the majority of the scenes are from Documentaries, from non biased countries, mainly BBC broadcast sites,and factual. Although it is easy to ignore, and obviously makes people feel better not to know the truth. For it would not look well on themselves to be  thought of as someone who condones the death of 1,000's of innocent women, 1,000's of innocent children, it's never good to be someone who condones the killing of children, as ignoring the atrocities is doing just that.

  •  Have the Palestines officially declared war against Israel?

    Does Palestine have a navy, air force, air defence or even a simple army?

    So how does this excuse the actions on the above documentary, are they made up?

    Was it the Egyptians who attacked the USS Liberty?

    It's hard for me to imagine for any even imaginary reason, for anyone other than Israel to be responsible for these deaths, excluding an indirectly, the American government for supplying their weapons

    These are civilians, who some are attempting to fight back for their freedom, seems like the Jewish people express they feel this should have been done to the Nazi Germany, but for them there is nothing wrong with these atrocities

    Regardless of what your racial opinion is of Arabs, the majority of these victims are women and young children

    There is no excuse for murdering children whatsoever, regardless of what race!

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    They are mostly 85% Kazarians not Biblicle Judeans,just like revelations 2:9 and 3:9 speak about the fauls Jews witch before zionist changed it and much of the bible was Judeans or other spelling but all the same Jew is not in the real Hebrew or Greek Bibles.This did not come close to all there crimes even known ones,like the over 70 broken UN resolutions,more than the entire Mid East put togeather and more than any country ever.America will collapes expecially if they get into another war against Iran that is so much more powerfull than Afganistan or Iraq military and in population.Once America is not there to commite crimes in lock step with Israel it will no longer be their.They have made themselfs the worlds most hated country and since 9/11 after the world stood with America they became equally hated.Anyone smart that has investigated 9/11 knows it was a fauls flag.I hate the zionists and many modern Jews are zionist and Babalonian Talmad followers the most evil racist book ever wrote.But like all people there are good Kazars (AshkeNAZIS) and real Judeans.But the fact is all Israels twelve tribes not 13 Kazars would now consist of people of every race realigion and skin tone ,as they don't know how they are.I just read the 13 Tribe and in biblicle times there were whites blacks and many other people of skin tone.God said he would gather all Israels Ancestors in the end time not just Judeans and Kazars that are only converts to Judaism.No over 200 years later that would consist of a multatude of people probably at least 1 billion.1948 was mans doing and you seen  how they thanked the British that helped them steal land in Palistine.I belive in GOD but follow no holy book as to trust man not changeing it witch 100% has happened and weather it was GOD that inspired it in the first place.It's a land of racist muderers with exceptions but being 2% of the earths population they are the worst.Remember I am sure there are good Jews but they don't have the influence wealthour own the most the worlds MSM expecially in America.

  • Cristinadraghis 5 years ago

    your are crazy...............

  • Zionism is a political ideology - the very title of this film illustrates that it starts with a biased non-objective perspective, and cares little for reason or facts (fun fact: war crimes are committed in war - and if the Arab world is at war with Israel, then what crimes has Israel committed against a self-declared enemy in it's own country?)

    12 million jews, half in their ancestral homeland, a religion on which Christianity and Islam were both based (both ignoring the fact that there was nothing in Judaism's Bible that said "stay tuned for the sequels".)A people that were long prohibited from owning land and farming for themselves in countries around the world, and so became experts at trades, diplomacy, business, and everything that had to do with education and strengthening their community.
    Every time they've been beaten down, every time the doors shut, they find a way to survive. And still they give back to society at large, in education, science, philanthropy, etc., as charity to all humans, regardless of religion, is considered a social responsibility.

    1.4 Billion Muslims controlling the world's oil supply, 50 countries encompassing all of North Africa, Southwestern Asia, parts of SE Asia and Oceania. A wealth that rivals only the Christian world, and yet the advancement of sciences and the global society of humans by the Muslim world is negligible, and even within their own rich countries, Muslims do little to improve the lot of society as a whole.

    1.4 Billion Muslims in the world are under threat by 12 million Jews? Are poorer as a global community of 1.4 Billion than the 12 million Jews worldwide? Are oppressed by a people that have only in the last 60 years reclaimed their sliver of a homeland and transformed it from an arid desert back into a fertile land? Or perhaps threatened because Judaism represents the original religion which they have altered to make Islam, and refuses to legitimize any "sequels"?

    Take away the Jews and everything they've done, and you can put the  Christian and Muslim world back into the dark ages they have barely clawed out of. Heck, you don't have either religion without the Jews.

    Without the Jews, who would the Muslims and Christians blame for their failings but each other?
    Christians and Muslims are like petulant children telling their parents they don't have to go to school, and can't be told what to do, and don't need their parents (food, clothing, habitat, kids are great at providing for themselves, right?).
    The children are the ones who who need to speak less and think more, to mature, and learn to appreciate and respect their parents.
    When your parents die, how much better does your life become??

  • debzeppelin 6 years ago

    Christ killers

  • debzeppelin 6 years ago

    if they read Psalms 22 it proves who the Messiah is without a doubt, that is old Testament prophecy of course, they are secular and Lenin was an atheist jew, Marx atheist jew, Trotsky atheist jew, also communists, just like Hollywood, the media and the banks, and journalism. I despise Zionists they are no better than the Taliban. The Zionist bankers became rich financing Hitler THAT IS A FACT TOO. Evil but their day is coming. God bless the true Israelites.

  • Debzeppelin 6 years ago

    sammie, it was not the Cole, it was the Liberty, and judging by all the exclamation marks you are not very old, they did indeed kill Americans on the Liberty, on purpose, it DID happen. Do some research, there are Jews, and zionists big difference. They not only hate Muslims, they hate Christians too. So cool your tool and do some research.

  • William Call 6 years ago

    what a bunch of garbage...was this video made by a 10 year old?

  • Rachelm111 6 years ago


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