War Photographer

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A film about the American photographer James Nachtwey, about his motivation, his fears and his daily routine as a war photographer. If we believe Hollywood pictures, war photographers are all hard-boiled and cynical old troopers. How can they think about ‘exposure time’ in the very moment of dread?

Swiss author, director and producer Christian Frei followed James Nachtwey for two years into the wars in Indonesia, Kosovo, Palestine… Christian Frei used special micro-cameras attached to James Nachtwey’s photo-camera.

We see a famous photographer looking for the decisive moment. We hear every breath of the photographer. For the first time in the history of movies about photographers, this technique allowed an authentic insight into the work of a concerned photo-journalist.


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  • well done. 7 years ago

    thank you. beautiful and difficult. who did this?

  • well done. give them a medal. awesome photgraphy 7 years ago

    well done. give them a medal. awesome photgraphy