huhahoo commented on Living with Wolves
Apparently the whole concept of Alphas and Betas in the wolf pack is wrong
huhahoo commented on And Man Created Dog
@Voluntero good question but I am not sure. From the documentaries I have watched the wolves seem to be really friendly to humans - were they always like that?
huhahoo commented on The Kate Bush Story - Running Up That Hill
Watch it here
huhahoo commented on The One Percent
Just read that site and although I agree that the worlds problems are psychological, in my opinion they stem from child abuse, I disagree that democracy is the solution if by democracy you mean 2 individuals can force 1 individual to do something against their will. If that's the case things like "real", "participatory", or "direct" democracy are just more efficient forms of enslavement. Is rape moral merely because there is more than 1 man raping a woman? Is robbing a store moral merely because there are more thieves than shop workers? Is stealing a car moral merely because the passengers outnumber the driver? If instead by democracy you mean as free association/ostracism where those who agree with doing something do it and those that don't want to do something don't have to do it then im fine with that since there's has been no acts of aggression. How about advocating for real change like something as simple as the non-aggression principle?
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