capn-canard commented on The Crisis of Civilization
Nice... compelling arguments. And I agree that the standard western model needs to be replaced with something that actually works.
capn-canard commented on Occupy: The Movie
Nice and simple, no stated narrative, just pictures and the majority of words from those who are the most culpable.
capn-canard commented on Manna Psilocybin Mushroom
Natural intelligence or natural consciousness? I believe that is the heart of the matter. Perhaps hallucinogenics are the quickest way for many people to access awareness despite the fact that awareness is the only thing we are, the very fiber of our being. Nice little film. Well done!
capn-canard commented on Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?
well done Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble, they certainly have enough money to produce a slick film. The message is positive one that I agree with, but I was surprised that he is advocating nearly the same stuff that I've have wanted to see happen for a over a decade and some of which I've encountered elsewhere with regard to money. And money is the most carcinogenic aspect of our culture/economy.  Get rid of money as the standard bearer of "value" and make value dependent on things that are actually good/qualitatively beneficial for life. Oh well, nice doc Foster Gamble. NOT BAD!! The only thing I want to see more of would be the energy aspects as per Bruce DePalma, PhD, and Paramanhamsa Tewari's N-Machine et al. There are many others who claim tremendous success but are thwarted by those who's profits are threatened.
capn-canard commented on Worse Than War
I can't help but think that Fox News... Yes, Fox News is setting up a good foundation for how to scare the hell our of everyone so that they will easily fall into a frenzy of violence if people feel threatened by "Arabs".  It is chilling but I do not doubt that the Bush Cabal wouldn't hesitate to use such fear to their advantage. It is political.  The 2000 and 2004 elections were just the tip of the iceberg. Political fear...
capn-canard commented on Worse Than War
Before 20th Century I believe that far more soldiers were killed than civilians, but that ship has sailed.  What does the 21st Century hold for the civilians in a war zone?
capn-canard commented on War Promises
Obama is like Bush: he knows and reward those supply the bread.  Veterans are just props for a photo opportunity.
capn-canard commented on Permaculture in Costa Rica
I find docs on Permaculture like this one, lacking. It seems there is too much of a push to use shiny happy people holding hands and the soft music of brotherhood while working together in perfect harmony without disagreement a bit of an over promotion. Trust me it is not all cake and ice cream etc etc.  Maybe that is the norm, or maybe there is a better way to sell permaculture to old hard farmers that tells the real unvarnished truth.   Time to tell that story like a Sepp Holzer farming system in Austria or the Joel Salatin Polyface Farms in North Carolina.
capn-canard commented on The Revolution Has Begun
Well, I guess I will have to choose love now. To the deeper issues: there is the standard model that insists that our objective world is more important the our subjective experience but I now believe that is wrong. The subjective experience is the only experience and it is based on the emotional of the one who experiences the emotion. Or put another way, the old standard of a Quantum based paradigm will be replaced by a qualitative paradigm where the electron doesn't make a quantum leap, but instead goes in the direction of that the observer intends. Very subtle...  Of course it always has been this way, we have failed to recognize it because money and power has compelled us to make presumptions based on a fantasy of an objective reality, when reality is a really the collective of mass consciousness. i.e. Sigmund Freud was wrong and will always be completely wrong, while Carl Gustav Jung was and is far more accurate in his analysis. In other words, go with your gut feeling. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
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