Sarah_Connor commented on The Big Fix
The attitude of supremacy and absolute arrogance and disregard that the United States of Terrorism has towards every other place on the entire planet disgusts me more and more everyday. No wonder everyone hates the USA. All these years I've not understood that hatred,because of my "patriotic" beliefs : which I now know were nothing more than biased bullshyt propaganda put out by liars - beliefs that I accepted as truths because of where they were coming from- my government. With each and every documentary that I watch regarding its "foreign policies" - most of which never see the light of day thanks to our ridiculously submissive/ owned media- my disgust and fear of my government grow. The hatred that other countries have towards the US government is justifiable. I now understand that hatred; and I also pretty much hate them and 90% of what "they" have done and what they continue to do. They are doing the same shyt to its own citizens now, as well. Its a goddamn shame that I have come to hate and fear the leaders of what I once proudly considered the greatest country on Earth. Its a goddamn shame. There's no war on terror. There is a war of terror; made and maintained by the government of the united states against the whole world, including its own citizens. Scary world we all live in.
Sarah_Connor commented on Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives
they are deliberately trying to kill us all.
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