Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?

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THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. We are at a critical turning point in human history. The path we are on is leading toward a global police state. We must change direction, but how? What are the guiding principles that would lead to freedom from war, hunger, and domination? How do we work toward a world where no one is violated or coerced in any way? These are the kind of questions you can explore in this solutions section. This also is the place to discover what you can do to bring about change. You can check out inspirational success stories, find suggestions for quick, effective everyday actions, study strategies for transformations at the national and global level, and get involved in Critical Mass Actions that will make a difference. If each of us uses our unique gifts, and we collaborate with others, we can create the world we want to live in. We already have what it takes to thrive. Now is the time.

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  • mike

    Signalfire1,  The way things are going the resource based economy may be here a lot sooner than I originally thought I love all of P.J's work saw him in L.A.
    at the moving forward release. Thanks, Mike

  • linn

     well said----many agree w/you-----but i know what i am saying truly for protection---GOD has given us ''free will'' ---may we live in the safe path and direction according to GOD' WILL.

  • linn

    settle down!!!!-everyone just wants the truth we all share same earth---hi----did you ever wonder WHY? afgan went desert---also who is destroying our natural water and making it look like''we are running low'''--and oil is in everything just about--plants-animals-under water-earth---who are behaving like greedy hungry pigs and digging for it like there was no tomorrow and bull crapping us with ''running short'''  stories---what about free energy from the sun--who keeps that secret techno from us---its all an illusion and they take our$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ there are so many untapped ways to survive--but ''they'' are letting us the ''john+does'' have it?????????????????????

  • linn

    there is a video coming out that i happen to run across--''BILLY JACK'' the movie's star tom laughlin----is making another good movie 'BILLY JACK FOR PRESIDENT'' watch the trailer---so good advice on how to get America back on its tracks-- you have to watch this.

  • Munz-h

    video does not exist, too bad

  • Real Estate Croatia

    Video does not exist, too bad ..

  • Jernygevers

    It doesn't matter that it's been removed - thousands of copies are out there and I have viewed many people's private copies.  They are reproducing them in their thousands and more and more people are watching it.  Give yourself the gift of watching it if you can.  There are people who are obviously threatened by it... hmmmmm.

  • Oo

    the video is not here ...

  • Guest

    Seems to be the same message as the Zeitgeist films but with an overlay of wanting to be paid for their efforts and copyright issues; Zeitgeist is free and thus walks the walk of a resource based rather than money-based economy.  Check out Zeitgeist (the original), then Zeitgeist Addendum and the others in that series.

  • Ncukell50

    I heard on C2C this was a great video containing truths on who wants us to be subservient and poor. Where is it?   jk

  • Tmbl44

    I can't believe they removed the video again !  We need to buy the video and hold private screenings to make everyone aware.  The masses need to wake up. This video was removed again on 01/18/2012.

  • Angelasuggs

    Organization was excellent and information very accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed and will refer to everyone I know.

  • Susan Worts

    It's unfortunate that the documentary was given a Star Trek/New Age quality, it distracts from an important message. There is likely a great deal of research and knowledge that went into it but the production values give it a fictional feel. Get your hands on 'Collapse' with Michael Rupert (book & doc) and 'Surviving Progress' (a doc but from the book 'A Short History of Progress') The message, more or less is it doesn't really matter who is in power,democracy is an illusion and big business is running the show (into the ground).


    A new level of conscious awareness must be reached B4 we can save this sorry-assed planet. "I, I, Me, Me, My",  it's the lowest level ! And that's exactly where humans reside today. Instead raise yourself up to a level of acceptance of all, This is an excellent piece of work that combines science, spirituality, socio-political and current events, and shows a different way..

  • TheZiggen

    if you actually sat and watched it all you'd see not only is it about the world today but it's about our future. And did you know more UFO sightings have been classed and genuine rather than fake.

  • yh

    You have no f'ing clue of what you are talking about.If the polar caps were to melt, they would melt INTO the oceans.. and since you obviously don't seem to know this, ocean water cannot be used for human consumption or irrigation. Only a very small percentage of the water in the planet is drinkable or can be used for irrigation. Water and soil DOES RUN out, you cannot manufacture soil, that is pure non-sense. Persia used to be one of the most fertile places on earth until over-irrigation and salinization killed the soil and the crops.The idea that we have unlimited resources that are never going to run out is just idiotic. The only reason humans have been able to expand in this planet exponentially, is because of OIL, Without oil, BILLIONS of humans would die overnight, because we wouldn't be able to power the machinery we use in industrial agriculture, we wouldn't have the means of transporting food to places that do not produce food.Just because we have land mass, doesn't mean it can be used for agriculture.. you cannot put crops in places that do not have the proper soil or irrigation.

    You are a clueless moron, stop spewing non-sense

  • Pendulum_oscillation

    it doesnt work anymore! :(

  • Rawseedform

    It was removed!? 12-19-11

  • Watch online

    Great documentary reminds me of zietgests.

  • AD

    Lack of access to energy is the exact quote.  Energy is food, electricity, and without those and see how much YOU suffer.  You live with the  convenience of an excess of ALL of those.

  • You

    Well meaning, excellent in concept, and I wish they'd hired a production studio to do the actual execution of the film. In that light it really is pretty cheesy - narration, graphics, flow, music, and it could use a good edit - and because of this I'm afraid a lot of people won't be able to take this movie nearly as seriously as it deserves. That said, there's a lot of hard work and thought here, and it's almost excellent in its delivery of 'the story', and how we've arrived where we are today. Finally, while it's sometimes nice to end on a high note, I wish they hadn't, in terms of tone, music, optimism. I feel this is serious enough as to not tolerate any complacence whatsoever, and wish it'd ended more on a 'do something, right now' note.

  • Guest

    1) If we pollute the freshwater resources, then we will have nothing to drink, no animals in our freshwater and no ecosystems.
    2) Egypt is being destroyed by rising Sea levels and saltification of the lands
    3) The World is running out of food.  There are no systems in place to get food to those that need it the most, and those that farm are increasingly vulnerable to drought, excessive rains, floods, erosion, and pollution.  Corporations have strangulated the farming industry with a GMO seed, which we now RELY on. 
    4) Pipe the melt water to drought ridden countries?  Are you serious????  The Ocean levels continue to rise, and there is SCIENTIFIC evidence that the polar ice caps are melting, the poles are shifting, and there is increased solar/geo activity.  Please use facts, they are much more truthful then opinions.

  • Cionaodh MacGowan

    I think I saw this guy on the Phil Donahue show back in the late 70s. I believe he was expressing strongly Marxist sentiments at the time. On the same show was the founder of Celestial Seasonings Teas.

  • NotAHippiee/JusLuv

    At least he made the vid. How do you spend your afternoon? ...

  • NotAHippiee/JusLuv

    ^^^^Check it

  • NotAHippiee/JustLuv

    More free energy takes more power and money away from the government. All you who talk shit saying this is bullshit are naive. WAKE UP. Be open minded, get informed.

  • Iamnumber1one1

    I was reading a lot of the comments for this video and I think people are valuing this for the wrong reasons. It is more important to take a good look at the collection of facts that are presented then make your own determinations. I have no doubt that any fact in the video is true all the way to the 911 scandal and UFO footage, but the conclusions proposed by the creator are somewhat creative. Every functional structure is based on a pyramid and its ok to be pissed off that we are at the bottom. It is good for the general public to know about it, but it will never change NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. I think I just announced the real conclusion for author, but it really doesnt make that good of a documentary.


  • Iamnumber1one1

    I think without some kind of solution at the end, it would make the movie incomplete. They probably just did it to make it seem less depressing. I noticed that they really didnt spend much time and effort with it

  • 5andman

    If you can believe in God, or Allah, then you should believe in UFOs.

    I mean, give me a break, a man with dove wings attached to his/her back?

    (Wings were never attached to angels in the original scriptures. It was added afterwards. You know that Adam & Eve apple? Same thing. It was fruit. No one said it was an apple. It was added afterwards by some idiot with a sword to his throat))

  • Faster than Ferraci!

    If you don't mind I would like to comment on some of the points that you quote.

    We don't need to make more water. Water is a constantly recycled resource it never goes away. We are drinking the same water that has been drunk a million times before.
    We can and do make soil. Did you forget that the now desert regions of Egypt were once green and fertile, all it takes is irrigation.
    I don't know where you live but here in the UK the entire population of 70 million lives on 7% of the land mass. Contrast that with say New Zealand which has a population of about 4 million with a land mass in the order of 3 times the UK so contrary to the propaganda the world is not running out of food will never run out of food and is not overpopulated.
    Propaganda tells us that the polar ice caps are melting. If this was true and the goverments of the world really, really cared, how difficult would it be to pipe the meltwater to the countries suffering from drought?
    It's easy do get caught up in doom and gloom. We all need to take a step back and analyse for ourselves what is really going on and not rely on the media or 3rd parties for our education.
    It needs only one thing for humanity to survive and thrive, the will to do it!

  • Anon

    you lost me when you started about ufos, thought this would be a decent doc about the world today not this conspiracy bullshit.

  • Bloatedcarcass

    why do these movies have to go so far into utopian proclamations at their end?  There is valuable evidence of the corruption and underhanded power wielding of the people who run our countries, why do they have to ruin it with the fantastical ending?  I like this movie, it is one of the better ones like it I have seen, but it obviously doesn't have all the answers so why pretend that it does?  You lose valuable credibility with such posturing.

  • Bloatedcarcass

    why do these movies have to go so far into utopian proclamations at their end?  There is valuable evidence of the corruption and underhanded power wielding of the people who run our countries, why do they have to ruin it with the fantastical ending?  I like this movie, it is one of the better ones like it I have seen, but it obviously doesn't have all the answers so why pretend that it does?  You lose valuable credibility with such posturing.

  • Stephanyy_davis

    LOVE this video. It shows such relevant and accurate research. Something MUST BE DONE!! Knowledge is power, we are the 99%, power of the people! The US is in need of a REVOLUTION!!!!

  • Stephanyy_davis

    clearly you didnt watch the entire video, its actually very relevant and accurate. 

  • Perceval Pen

    Going down my cult propaganda checklist here....uhhh  cheesy magical sound track, mesmerizing diagrams, even keel hypnotic voice...  This "documentary" is TERRIBLE.  Lack of energy is NOT the source of most suffering.  There is plenty of energy and it is stolen by the privileged from victims who are usually brown skinned and have vaginas...  More energy to do WHAT with anyway?  Further ravage the nearly dead and raped Earth?  More energy won't make more water or soil or food or anything else humanity has parasitically leeched out of the planet or contaminated. 

  • Rickshaw24

    "the only world you need to change is the world that exists in your own mind"

    Yeah just bliss out man! Slip on your nike's (buying them funded child labour, but don't think about that - might harsh your buzz) and nip out for your favourite  starbucks coffee (funding child labour and slave like conditions on coffee farms and sugar plantations) then check out facebook on your new iphone 4 (buying that one funds mass rape and murder in the congo not to mention the conditions in the FoxConn factory where they had to string nets up under the workers dormitory window because so many were killing themselves out of desperation). Oooh, bummer, push that away and think about what a miracle you are, how beautiful and loving you really are. Sure that's gonna make the world so much better!

    All those people in Tahrir Square should really just go home and seek self love instead of trying to make their children's lives better by ending the brutal dictatorship they are living in. All those pesky Nigerians should just go home and focus on loving themselves instead of trying to stop the oil company poisoning their water - that's just the outer world.

    You know it's fine and good to love yourself and be positive, but this stuff about only needing to change or heal yourself is drivel meant to pacify the masses. The powerful in the world, who kill and exploit in the name of profit, never gave up anything without a fight. Blissful meditators sitting at home loving themselves never helped anyone but themselves. Even ghandi looked around, saw injustice and suffering, and attacked the british empire where it hurt most - in the salt trade. He didn't sit at home all blissed out.

  • Flowingriver

    Hello all,

    Great comments. However, the only world you need to change is the world that exists in your own mind. Clear out all those conflicting voices and you shall find Love Peace Forgiveness, Absolute Freedom from all suffering.

    You can all keep playing around with all these stories going back and forth, but until you reconcile with the conflicting stories in your mind you will keep suffering.

    I like to use the analogy of the Fly that keeps flying around the window pane unable to find a way out until one day you find it on its back dead. Don't be that fly.

    Infinite Blessings,


  • Robert

    LOVE IS THE SUPERPOWER!!! Together as we show LOVE and caring for all and everything we touch in our lives we EMPOWER OURSELVES INSTANTLY...We are more powerful than all the worlds armies and all the worlds weapons. LETS focus on each persons good qualities and stop focusing on small issues and differences that are not relevant to LOVE.  Together the world will be Peaceful and thrive with all the abundance that

  • BT

    This information has to be shared with the masses so we can actually do something about this corrupt world we live in. Please take the time to view and share this information with everyone. Lets make a difference.

  • Heaven

    Are you kidding or what mate.. With all the disinformation and crap on the net..
    Thrive makes sense of it all and you don't have to spend a life time on youtube sorting through the trash looking for the gems of truth. I for one have done this for the past 2 years without regret although now feel I have something solid to share with friends and family.   

  • Flowingriver

    We can have this perfect world. However, first is first - " Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you" Matt 6.33. And I don't mean some guy in the sky with long white hair and beard. This is what they want you to believe just to add more confusion into your life. It is only a parable. Metaphysically meaning to connect with your Higher Self.

    Whilst you practice this "Seeking" by means of  "Meditation you must clean out the garbage that is deeply impressed in your subconscious and unconscious mind. How do you do this. First of all you must muster up all the courage your have. Do you
    have the courage? The courage to undergo some type of cleansing method i.e Psychotherapy, Buddhism, Yoga, etc...which ever you are most comfortable with and works for you.  

    So to reach this Higher level of consciousness or this Kingdom of God we "MEDITATE". Go deep within yourself and connect with your Higher Mind, Cosmic Mind, God Mind, Universal Min, what ever term you are most comfortable with, they are only words.

    Infinite Blessings,


  • maxicosis

    fantastic,top 10 doco's of all time,  well done

  • Bonniemarche33

    It is the human condition to focus on the problem first and then offer the solution. So many though have no idea what the problem is so they have to be shown first. And, for the few who do know what the problem is they have no idea what the solution is. This video caters to both. Thank you so much for the solution.

  • Alinda Artist

    ?? This video is Private?? :( .. Well .. That Sucks.

  • Juangranda

    This man claims to have spent his life trying to figure out what has caused the agony and deprivation on planet earth and what he comes up with is a highlights video of all the conspiracy topics that I can watch on youtube in one afternoon.

  • Buttfucker

    Bad way to start this documentary. You could have got to the meat before losing half the audience due to the scifi crap.

  • JV

    An at times scary, surprising, and ultimately inspiring snapshot of humanity at the cross roads. What comes next is up to us....

  • well done Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble, they certainly have enough money to produce a slick film. The message is positive one that I agree with, but I was surprised that he is advocating nearly the same stuff that I've have wanted to see happen for a over a decade and some of which I've encountered elsewhere with regard to money. And money is the most carcinogenic aspect of our culture/economy.  Get rid of money as the standard bearer of "value" and make value dependent on things that are actually good/qualitatively beneficial for life. Oh well, nice doc Foster Gamble. NOT BAD!! The only thing I want to see more of would be the energy aspects as per Bruce DePalma, PhD, and Paramanhamsa Tewari's N-Machine et al. There are many others who claim tremendous success but are thwarted by those who's profits are threatened.

  • Krystal Low

    Super excellent commentary and production. Very well documented and informative. I strongly recommend to every viewe.

  • Rob Castle

    Could've been done without the evolution deal in the beginning

  • Earle MacDonald

    This documentary is fantastic...

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