Thieves of Innocence

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There are one million children in the province of Quebec, Canada. Every year, the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (Youth Protection) collects 25,000 reports of children beaten, abandoned or sexually abused. Nearly 40% of the babies who die in the province are killed by their parents. Almost 30,000 children are dealt with by the YP until they reach 18, the age of majority. But does this organization respond adequately to the needs of these young people? Journalist and filmmaker Paul Arcand recorded the testimony of children and adult victims of abuse of all kinds, and questions politicians, doctors, psychologists, social workers, bureaucrats and members of the magistrate on their perception of the problem. Moreover, Arcand denounces the inadequacies of a bureaucratic system that doesn’t seem to be very concerned with the well being of the ones they’re supposed to be protecting.

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