The United States of Terror

2008 Uncategorized 1.77K Views 7 Comments
Since September 11th the United States government has passed a series of laws, acts, and presidential directives that have turned this once great nation of peace and freedom into one of torture and evil. This film explores Total Information Awareness, Patriot Acts I and II, Homeland Security, and Homegrown Terrorism; all the while following a 9/11 Truth activist on a journey of enlightenment, action, and ultimate sacrifice as The United States of Terror is born!


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  • Ranus 7 years ago

    Hacker are we? Does anyone moderate this website? Im willing to bet the links here will go to a site where you will get a virus.

  • No joke , welcome to your new world order , I'm waiting for my heavenly Father's kingdom , I will rule and reign with Christ , not anti-christ. Illuminati satan is real , how much more the true living GOD , Jesus is LORD! Ive been trying to warn people of this for years , if they reject the gospel , I bring them to the great tribulation and the mark of the beast , maybe they will remember that guy warning them about these events to come written in the BIBLE. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. B.I.B.L.E

  • the music was so loud and obnoxious that I could only watch ten minutes. Just terrible and very amateur.

  • Robert 8 years ago

    Video was a joke.

  • This doc was a waste of time, it was a rip-off of other docs clips and had a stupid fake script of the narrator being "imprisoned" by govt spooks, lame acting and took away from the message. I watch documentaries to get real information if I want fiction, I'll watch fiction.

  • Satyran 8 years ago

    great compilation, and some really neat stuff I've not seen before. The only complaint I would have with this film and it's a small one is that the sound level fluctuates heavily between clips. So if you are listening with head phones or trying not to disturb people, be aware that suddenly the sound will blast between clips.