The Truth Behind The Ark

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It's perhaps one of the greatest biblical tales. The story of Noah's Ark. In a one hour investigation for the National Geographic Channel - The Truth Behind... Noah's Ark divides fact from fiction. Exploring Durupinar, the site in Eastern Turkey that many believe is where the Ark came to rest; we put religious faith and science head to head. Using CGI, extraordinary experiments and personal accounts from both Ark supporters and non-believers, the film explores just how plausible this biblical epic really is? It is perhaps the best-known story in the Bible: A righteous man named Noah, who built an ark and survived a flood. But what happened - or didn't happen - to Noah is raising questions: in geology, in astronomy, even in global imaging. And they start with the most basic question of all: did it really happen? Historical Fact or Biblical Fiction? Noahs Ark and the flood is one of the most controversial biblical disaster stories of all time. Millions of people believe the story literally; for others its clearly a myth. But a newly discovered ancient tablet and a strange structure high in the mountains of Eastern Turkey could change our understanding of the Ark forever. Using scientific technology and state of the art computer graphics we put the various theories to the test as we uncover the Truth Behind Noahs Ark The founder of National Geographic stated “the discovery of Noah’s Ark would be the greatest archaeological find of all time.” Decades later when the information about the remains known as the Durupinar site was first presented to National Geographic their response was “this is not within our reader’s scope of interest.” So, given their present secular world view on geology and paleontology, its not surprising their National Geographic Channel Special, “The Truth Behind the Ark” was prejudiced against the Biblical narrative of a world wide flood, the Durupinar site and an Ark in general using omission, misinformation, corny examples and academic witnesses with anti-flood and anti-creation predispositions

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  • Sixninecat

    There are no facts in the "Qu'ran" .. it's more Abrahamic fiction.

  • Mile

    So, you mentioned only Bible but what about Qur'an??  Facts from that book are in incredible accordance with both geographic and science facts about Ark. Peace

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