The Power of the Purse

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Throughout human history the control and manipulation of money has been used by the elites to control free humanity. This has continued up until this day. Power of the Purse Volume 1 is a 4 hour and 50 minute documentary spanning 2 DVDs that details the history of how money has evolved from ancient times to the 21st century. This film exposes how those who have controlled money have used this power to fund both sides of wars in order to bankrupt nations and peoples.

This film reveals important historical facts and information about the modern day monetary system that the corporate media and the teachers indoctrinating our youth in the so-called public education (indoctrination) system refuse to talk about.

Power of the Purse Volume 1 explores the following topics and much more: The Knights Templar's International Banking System. The Rise of the Rothschild's European Banking Empire.

How the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks create money out of thin air to drive nations and peoples into debt. How both sides of major wars and conflicts have been funded and engineered by powerful banking interests. The lies surrounding the official story of the September 11th, 2001 attacks and how it has been used to justify endless war. How the manipulation of the value of money has been used to create economic depressions.


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  • John_Bireley 4 years ago

    you can play it on youtube

  • John_Bireley 4 years ago play it here

  • Acuenca85 5 years ago

    The film has been taken down. Big Brother....

  • it is funny that you believe everything up until 9/11 and that points only to you going along with the lies these bastards are feeding us for centuries 

  • The first half is great but i'm about to turn it off halfway through the second segment. It goes from an informative doc about the history of money and it's manipulation to an exhausting yet-another 9/11 conspiracy film. After several very good hours it collapses into the most questionable of 9/11 conspiracies and seems to completely lose focus.