The Planet

2006 Environment 1.40K Views 0 Comments
This Scandinavian production draws on some of the observational strategies of Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi, allowing us to reflect on patterns and phenomena of human and natural existence from both intimate and sweeping viewpoints.

The Planet is a highly acclaimed, public education campaign, a unique collaboration between a film-production company, a science portal and Swedish public-service television. Through successful cooperation we achieved an enormous breakthrough in Swedish media and among a broad Swedish public. Our aim is to enhance public awareness about the planet and our future; to show the limits, threats, and possibilities we are facing today. During the campaign global change issues headlined the news, and was a subject much discussed among Swedes.

The campaign consisted of four separate components; a movie, a TV series, an online game and a multimedia website the Planet Infact. The documentary (1h 50 min) discusses the condition of planet Earth today and what it night be like a hundred years from now. The movie is based on cutting-edge research featuring some of the world's leading researchers within global change issues.

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