The Pagan Invastion: Halloween -Trick or Treat

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This documentary details Halloween's pagan origins and history, tracing rites and ceremonies back to the mystic Druids 4000 years ago and suggests Halloween is still a high holy holiday for witches, pagans and satanists. The film interprets Halloween's symbols--black cats, broomsticks, bonfires, trick or treat, apple dunking and jack-o'-lanterns--from the Christian perspective. Occult rituals in the documentary are supposedly authentic. Actually, the film is a cautionary tale to show parents that Halloween activities aren't as innocent and just-for-fun as purveyors of candies and costumes would have us believe. Whether you agree or not, the documentary is an interesting, informative Halloween watch. But it's scary for kids!

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  • Acadow

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha~ So funny. Christians Really? Propaganda ya but at lest its funny. On the other hand those poor pagans trying to explain to them a different way of thinking just to be demonized.

  • Momnotmrs

    The Christians stole Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more from paganism. There is no "pagan invasion" (and why can't the author spell?); there is Christian theft. In addition. the few pagan rites that aren't incredibly distorted were totally made up. So all you nice Christians should stop participating in Halloween and leave Samhain/Saturnalia/harvest festivals to those who can truly enjoy them! 

  • Ginger204

    As a Pagan, I find these types of documentaries very offensive. What people seem to think I practice tends to be very different from what I actually do. For me, Halloween is a time to honor relatives who have passed onto the other plane by reflecting on their life and arranging an alter for their memory. My beliefs do not condone cruelty to other beings, because Paganism embraces the divinity of all beings. Every person, rock, or tree is worthy of respect because they are a part of divinity. Anyone is free to agree or disagree with my beliefs because I do not think that they work for everyone, even though they work for me. But please do not accuse followers of Paganism as being Satanic because it is simply not true.  

  • Guest

    Yeap....nothing more than Christian scare tactic propaganda.

  • K12suarez

    I don't like these type of documentaries. These type of videos are supposed to be full of fact and not fiction, but they really need to brush up on their readings. It's like they didn't pick up a book at all, and just went in from an ignorant persons point of view. I call BS on most of his information, especially the origins part.

  • Guest

    I've never cared for Halloween, knowing of it's origins. 
    The money made of this macabre day is ridiculous.
    Candy filled with poisons, food colorings, unhealthy sugars, business as usual on a grand scale.

  • Guest

    I think this is a highly informative doc, even the first 15 min.
    The usefulness of video over reading is you see the people describing both why they are involved in types of witchcraft and why they left and what faith they embraced if they left (seems to always be Christian faith, only first mentioned 24 min. in)
    In the first segment an ex Satanist gives eye witness account, because there really are people out there who practice ritual torture and murder of innocent animals and children at halloween which they regard as a holy day. He attests that the fun holiday aspects of horror and halloween are a smokescreen for much intentional real life horror.
    Those of us who cannot identify with such evil but want some information, will find this doc a summary of such practices of darkness.

  • Guest

    Crap...don;t waste your time with this one...

  • Truth Over Lies

    I am dressing up as a christian propaganda movie for Halloween!, Scary as hell.

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