The Occult World of Commerce

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Jordan Maxwell honors Jason Whitney with a special twenty-minute introduction into the esoteric foundation of words and terms frequently used in present-day society.

Jason Whitney presents a brief, yet elaborate Power Point production which offers key insight as to how our legal system is predicated upon one thing, "commerce", and the regulation thereof, or better said, the extraction of money "energy" from society.

Understanding of the concepts presented by both Maxwell and Whitney are essential for anyone who desires a greater understanding as to how our out of control judicial/legal/banking systems are designed and operate in America.


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  • Kiowa_Jefferson 6 years ago

        What is scary here is in our current economic and political crisis only one person has commented on the significance of this presentation....what we have here is a complete, although abridged, layout of the machine we revile so much.  Direct correlation between law enforcement, judicial, legislative, and economic systems adapted in such a construct as to never come truly in conflict but to work in undetectable harmony so that any victim of this particular ruse is beguiled and frustrated at the same time and somehow comes out feeling he broke even and is lucky to even have his ass.  Unless your Troy Davis...I wonder what association of judges benefited from that pristine example of american ( I refuse to capitalize a word that is only make believe) justice.  Seems very similar to the justice that was given standard issue to every native tribe of this once beautiful land...and the Spanish bankers grunts with crosses before them. Lets not forgets Valhalla's hell hounds as well lest we give that lost backpacker and his violent hippie buddies, Columbus even more credit than he deserves.   I hope anyone that comes across this realizes this one  fact: if you are free to do what you think you want to do.  Your not free.  If you know you can do what you want with no regard to your money situation then your free.
        Getting rid of one bank or one judge or one cop even in every town in the world is not a sizable enough response to this problem.   Why do you care what the laws say you can and cant do when they are created for the sole reason of limitng everything you do to a monetary transaction.  There is no money to be made in true freedom, only sacrifice.  Law and order have no place in a society constructs those laws in exception to themselves.  They are the only free ones, free to rape our mothers and daughters, kill our dads and sons in warsa we don't want, while we the scared children cringe in horror at the site only to become aggressors ourselves when given the first opportunity.  There is nothing civil in a society that engages in this kind of barbarism and therefore it is not a civilization like the ones it so aptly destroyed.  One honestly wonders in the mist of all the steam rising from the spilled innards of the american dream if we can stuff them all back in and sew it back together.  Not without getting dirty one supposes.   
        This is what I think about every day not just when my student loan bills come in, this is what I think of while you sleep, this is what I think while I battle the ones I love over the very existence this problem.
        So I ask you this, What  The Fuck Are Thinking About!!!

  • Greywall 7 years ago

    Great doco, specially for those who 'UNDERSTAND' banking terminology and lingo.