The Obama Deception

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The Obama Deception will be the first hard-hitting film to expose Obama, his agenda & handlers cutting through all the media hype, side-issues and Left/Right rhetoric. Alex has made several films exposing the Bush agenda and will approach the Obama Administrations plans from the same non-partisan point of view looking past the frontman in the White House to the real owners on Wall Street, in the Bilderberg group and at the Federal Reserve.

Please help spread the word about this powerful new film. Make sure everyone you know whether they claim to be a Democrat, Republican, independent or none of the above sees this film before it is too late.


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  • Joan DeSantes Goldman 2 years ago

    Holy shit! I'm blown away by this!

  • Guest 2 years ago

     Obama makes Bush look good.Who could of predicted that...

  • Concerned Patriot. 2 years ago

    This is bigger than race! Can you people not see that? Do you think the elite care what color skin you have? NO! This is about the AMERICAN CITIZENS vs. THE ELITE BANKER THUGS! Not Black vs. white, Republican vs. Democrat. Wake up before its too late. 

  • brian brown 3 years ago

    Lots of rhetoric-not much Reality. Ever heard of inappropriate definitions and inverted value systems?

    Keep trying guys, you have a long way to go; maybe someday you can figure out proper societal structures.

  • Dennis Paul Habern 3 years ago

    You have said a true-mouthful.

  • Dennis Paul Habern 3 years ago


    It is apparent that you are not current into the background of the
    Moron in the White House; that Obama is following in the
    footsteps of his Communist fathers and mother as he pursues
    to destroy the United States in his belief that the U.S. is the
    largest offender of colonialism.  In addition, the U.S. Senate
    did not vet by law, Obama's background, giving him a pass.
    Obama has associated himself in Chicago, with individuals such
    as William Ayers and his wife, known Communists and bombers
    of Federal Buildings, and in addition, Ayers gave Obama his first
    official political position as a Community Organizer where he
    preached the ideology of Saul Alinsky, another known Communist,
    to his charges.  This small exposure is just the tip of the
    iceberg.  It is understandable that Obama inherited a political
    mess, but since his 3 years in office, it is apparent that Obama
    does not care about the American people, because he is not one
    of US, but one of THEM, if you follow.  He has accomplished
    nothing positve for the United States with the exception of
    eliminating DADT (Don't ask, don't tell).  His obamacare has been
    a complete fiasco, therefore, do yourself a favor and the United
    States of America, vote Republican in 2012.  Obama and "THE
    NEW WORLD ORDER," in conjunction with "THE BILDERBERGER GROUP," maintain a mission to destroy the
    United States and to insert a non-elected World President to
    maintain jurisdictin over the entire planet, bringing to life the
    book, "1984," written by George Orwell in 1949, with the theme

  • Too smart to fall for this 3 years ago

    This is nothing more than libertarian spin. The guy who produced this 'documentary' doesn't want any government at all. As far as I see it this is just republican fodder. Enjoy.

  • blueyesj41 3 years ago

    The corporations could give a rats ass about our 2nd Ammendment rights or our guns. I would even say they love it because they are the ones selling them and the ammunition to use them to us in the first place.

    The people who want to get rid of our guns, are the ones who want a Socialist society (utopia in their mind) in the US and look at what all the communist/marxist/progressive/socialist's that have 1: came out and admitted they are such, and 2: a great number of whom are working within this administration to change this country into that "utopia".

    And they are so far in the minority, that if they should do it right now with the two US Supreme Court decisions that firmly state that the 2nd Ammendment gives every citizen of the United States the RIGHT to own fire arms for their personnal defense, and to form a militia. If those seeking the "Utopia" tried to take over now, a huge number of the 300 million Americans will stand up, and these folks will be fortunate to end up in prison, if they don't end up catching bullets against a wall.
    In order to avoid this, they need to take away our rights under the constitution or to eliminate the US Constitution all together making it illegal to own firearms in this country. Once that happens, say hello to the death camps colloqually known as Re-education Centers that Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground planned back in 1969 (do a search on the weathermen and you'll find the document), in which they stated it would be necessary to liquidate 10% of the population (250 million at the time, 10% of = 25 million)since they woulnd get with the new order's program. Bill Ayers (nor any former Weather Underground member) have ever said he (or they) no longer believes that would be necessary in the current times.
    With so many of those seeking the Utopia in our government, in league with others who want to end the threat that the American (and Western) way of life poses to their plans and ideals, it is not possible to believe concentration and death camps would not happen in the United States.
    To do these things means they have to disarm the population of the united states, and I wouldnt' be surprised to see UN troops trying to do it. Blue sticks out.

  • kyletron

    I hope for your sake you are being sarcastic, if not, your inability to understand just the topic of this documentary shows the incredibly low level of intelligence you possess. We shouldn't be looking to the left or right wings to place blame, we should be looking up at the head.

  • ShaiRomance 3 years ago

    Liquid thats bullshyt, I didn't vote for him just because hes black, but even so its because he's black u didn't vote for him. See I am for right and wrong not black and white, but I see that everything is damn near a conspiracy theory. Everything is manipulated in a way as to where we are left out but for our own good (bullshyt). But the people dont speak up on it. That terrorist act is bullshyt. The media is bullshyt, the government if bullshyt.

  • Sabrina 4 years ago

    I'm sorry but if you people think that this is credible then your wrong. People are pissed I get that. However how do you expect one man to change the economy and change everything for the better when he has a congress who hates him. And I hated Bush, I couldn't stand the man. I new men who hate Clinton however they didn't show such disrespect for those men so yes it is a race thing. Your can't tell me that if it were a white man up there that people would hate him that much.
    This is why Jones is wrong. First of all London and New York and Washington are not the top of the world. China now has now money of the U.S. thus making the U.S. less powerful. Not to mention the Euro's value has risen above the dollar making New York and D.C pretty much worthless. Lets look at this from a global stand point which is what he attempts to do. The U.S no longer leads the world. That didn't happed because Obama. And well known and well trusted International Relations Expert will tell you that considering the theory of realism (which with a bit of consideration I've gathered that Jones is a realist) we know that once other militarys' left us in Iraq and in the middle east we lost those ties and that power. Once we had to take loans from china (which came from the war that was unpaid for and the housing market that was unpaid for) we lost power. we lost the stability that we once all knew. that had nothing to do with Obama trying to destroy our country. Also international theory would state that all of these PEOPLE would have no relevance what so ever. International theory is going to assume that because there are other people balancing out individual actors that a sovereign state is going to be rational. I'm sorry I know you people love this guy and if her told you that Santa Claus was really God you probably would believe him. But as a college educated adult (who has a degree in Political Science and in International Theory and Law I can tell you that this man did not get accurate facts and is only telling one side of the story. the exact same thing that he accused the government of doing. If you people would stop taking everyone elses word and read and learn about what is really going on then maybe you would understand that this film is completely a waste of your time and that this man is an actor and really just wants to make a dollar.

  • Deliverance 4 years ago

    Do you live in a fantasy land where history is whatever you want to believe it to be.

    A quick history lesson. Europeans have been responsible for the majority of death and destruction throughout the entire globe since the defeat of Andalusia. Since then, Europeans have been directly involved in almost every war and have colonized every continent on earth in an attempt to rediscover what had already been discovered, defined, and utilized.

    Through war, pestilence, and naivete Europeans are responsible for the near extinction of the indigenous peoples of North America and the death of millions of indigenous people in Central and South America.

    The chaos you detail as the state of affairs in Africa are a direct result of colonization, mistreatment and maltreatment, economic starvation, resource exploitation and exportation and systematic degeneration.

    Not to mention that there are more animals on the threat of extinction list than any other time in its recorded history.

    Another event to remember would be when the Euro Americans dropped two nuclear bombs killing millions in two swoops.

    The historic public display of torture are notorious in European history. There is a long detailed history of Euro children watching the spectacle of lynchings, be-headings, and people burnt at the stake as one would watch a sporting event today.

    In general, Europeans history is dominated by systems of suppression, torture and inequality (i.e. Jim Crow, indenture servitude, Slavery, Indian reservations, Share Cropping, Japanese Concentration Camps......the list goes on an on an on!) In the end most of us so called "minorities" are holding back from all out aggression, which is what is being asked for when it is said "minorities need to get their stuff together". However where does that leave any of us? No closer to common ground. But like many countries (i.e. Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina) have opted to never forget the abuses and U.S. support of terror and have let it go. All while exercising their autonomy and declaring their sovereignty.

    Race is a side bar to this major issue. Important, yet a distraction. Proving every time that unrelenting ignorance is still alive and is persistent. Bottom line is all the stereotypes are bs. No one person can effectively speak for the entire group. So with all that I said about European culture, all cultures have had there day in the sun. None have conquered the entire globe though all have tried. In the past this has proved to be impossible. Trying to quell that many people with basic low level communications and transportation will not pan out. But with today's technology and widespread ignorance, success is very plausible. So its time for all people to work together to come up with an answer. I cannot dictate for you what is right. But together we can come to an agreement that equally governs us both.

  • lhyra silvertongue 4 years ago

    They're ALL going to drop the ball... WHY? ... as I'm sure you already know, because they ALL report to the same boss. It's just as it is outlined in this documentary; they're all sell-out puppets who are more concerned about personal gain than what's RIGHT and BEST for our country and for the world.

    We are just the "lowly" masses... the slaves, to them. They look at us all with equal disdain... black, white, latino, etc... it doesn't matter. They could care less about any of us, except to the extent that they need some of us to keep they're "gerbil wheel" spinning.

    Shirley Shirrod said it best, on National Mainstream News: "we have to stick together." They don't care about any of us! What's so sad is that it's the part of what she said that was focused on the least. They were more concerned about blaming someone for taking the video out of context than her message that she discovered through her experience with this white farmer that the same things that she thought only happened to black people, happened at the same rate to white people. She realized that it is an "us and them" but not the "them" wasn't the "white man" as she suspected... it was the ELITE!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • lhyra silvertongue 4 years ago

    It’s idiots like you that give them power to run the rackets they run on us. If people like you don’t WAKE UP and get it together, the intelligent “thinkers” of this world are going to end up paying the price right along side you… and THAT is a grave injustice. THINK! Pay attention… even if you were able to find some things about this video that you felt were taken out of context, there’s much more evidence and information circling than just this video to conclude that most of what’s being presented here is couched in TRUTH…

    GROW UP and WAKE UP before you doom us all!

  • azboy4liberty 4 years ago

    well stated.

  • azboy4liberty 4 years ago need to wake up...there are documents upon documents of Obama a.k.a. barry Soetoro's unconstitutional and illegal actions. He pledges alegiance to the international corporations and wall street...You are the weak minded-type of person that the globalists LOVE...easy to control and're a sheep..and a slave....good luck, and I hope you open your eyes.

  • angelbabe43 4 years ago

    Race has nothing to with this film,a yr ago I didn't have a clue .had my head in the sand so to speak.......Plane a simple they (the puppet Government)don't give a .... about any of us Wake up America this is real do some research ,have an open mind.....the truth will be found .

  • The Obama deception2 4 years ago

    This has nothing to do with race, because i believed like many others. Until the man decided to go back on all his campaign promises! So leave race out of this your just trying to stir up trouble.

  • John Finkelstein 4 years ago

    Because YOU are an empty-headed racist bigot, that's why. This film is not about racism, it is about globalist bankers taking over the USA.

  • Sally Smith 4 years ago

    This movie is right, a thousand times right. For those of you that call it racist, on what grounds????
    I am neither Republican or Democrat, I'm not a registered voter, I don't vote, because I've known for longer than this movie has been out that the left-right paradigm is a bunch of baloney. I am also highly intelligent with an international business degree and widely-read. And I would bet the ranch on: this movie is right. Please read a book called The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. And stop believing the propaganda you are fed by mainstream media, the fact that one lends any credence at all to the corporate controlled mainstream media should be enough of a sign that whatever opinion you hold without getting the alternative media perspective, is BRAINWASHED!!!

  • zippytie 4 years ago

    to patriot, eat your words my friend. cuz the new financial reform bill is fascism, it is the definition of it.

  • Tomofthemountain 4 years ago

    LMFAO!!! Homeboy thinks its right/left! Yeah, "Smart", you're right, sure ... keep grinning, muthahfu(k the evangelical right wing, and buy into obama_da_1da. He's gonna save the country,

  • Shows Barry Soetoro aka; Barak Obama, the first Illegal President of the United States of America, for the sniveling "Fascist", Sock Puppet of The Parasite Global Elite - Re: Bilderberg Club, Triqlateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Skull and Bones, United Nations, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization - that he really is! An empty headed teleprompter reader - who does the bidding of the "New World Order Agenda", to set up NAFTA and the North American Union and establish the United Nations Fraud Carbon Tax in America!

  • Scott 4 years ago


  • Scott 4 years ago

    Sooo you don't see any of this happening right now? I'm in my 50s and have seen our freedom slowly fade away over the last 30+ years,I believe my own eyes.

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