The Nation's Deathbed

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Will we let the elite pull the plug on Canada's sovereignty? A documentary exploring the Security and Prosperity Partnership and how it is a stepping stone for an eventual North American Union. The film also explores the resistance movement to the SPP and the protests of August 2007 in Montebello, Canada.


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  • SanOfMunky 7 years ago

    anon..... excellent idea.... internet is the best place to get well cool peeps like us (:P) together..... the more people you meet who share your belief..... the stronger the belife gets and the more power it has. Thats why the media is so fuckery..........

    anyone else think the world would be better if everyone just stopped being a twat?

    its quite simple really...........

  • We need a website where everyone can unite i might be in the works of somthing

  • Michael 8 years ago

    It *IS* Security and Prosperity. FOR THEM. Not for US, not for the average person. The trade is CONTROLLED - NOT free. This is about them. they are saying "We are making OUR security and prosperity partnership. Security FROM the people, Prosperity FROM the people". Slavery and Police State. 1984.

  • Satyran 8 years ago

    This film is really powerful, I like the fact that it's really balanced. I think a lot of the time that many films of this genre have a tendency to make protesters seem innocent and without fault while making the police out to be total jackboot gestapo. It's probably the best put together footage of a protest I've seen in years. The narration explains everything, the film is coherent and lends itself to being something you could show someone who doesn't have any knowledge about the subject.
    An excellent documentary and definitely something to share with people you want to learn about these issues.
    Thanks for posting!