The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

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At the end of the 19th century, a race was on to power the world. Fraught with shameless incidents of divisiveness and greed, some of our most respected historical figures sounded the battle cry, among them inventor Thomas Edison and the worldly entrepreneur, J.P. Morgan.

Caught in the crossfire was arguably the greatest inventor of all time, the man responsible for harnessing Niagara Falls and the AC current that powers our homes. Nikola Tesla claimed he could provide everyone with free, unlimited energy. Could his claim have been true?


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  • George 7 years ago

    Absolutely, he was the greatest. As we know, his father was a Serbian Orthodox priest and they lived in Croatia. Nicola often pledged his love to all people. He was appointed as chief engineer on the first international telephone between Budapest and Paris, developed by Tivadar Puskas of Hungary. Nicola was walking with his friends in the City Park of Budapest, when he got in a trance and asked his friends: "Don't you see, how beautiful, when the armature is rotating and changing it's polarity?" Friends told him: Nicola, there is nothing in front of you! "Oh, he said, maybe it was my imagination!" Actually his imagination was so vivid, that he thought it is reality. After he made the AC generator, eventually everyone has seen it working. Edison was fighting him to the end with his DC only electricity, but finally had to admit Nicola was right with a superior invention. I am a great fan of Tesla and grateful to all Serbian people, with whom I had many good relations in the US.

  • I Like tesla 7 years ago


  • Tom Doherty 7 years ago

    What a man and a humanitarian,even with all his advanced genius he was a person of true character and with a vision of raising living standards for the common man and providing his inventions free to all. It's a pity he had to reveal his inventions to the money grabbing elite in order to finance further research, I wish I could have met him, he truly is a hero not only for the USA, but the World.

  • Mr. Tesla was the greatest immigrant the USA has ever seen, and the most brilliant scientist perhaps to ever to walk the earth. Had all of his dreams become a reality our way of life would be so more advanced. Too bad the money hungry people in power at the time of his peak did not get behind his wireless technology for power transmission. We need someone to pick up on his legacy and get this technology going!

  • Milica 8 years ago

    I have always known that he was a genius, but now, I see that he was actually the GREATEST GENIUS of all times!!! The GREAT MAN!!!His future is coming!!!
    This should be shown in more places on internet so people can get educated.
    I wish I could find out more from his findings about low frequency brain waves that entire world operates on (6-8 Hz).

    This makes me even more proud that I am Serbian!!!