The History of The E.V. Gray Motor

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The truth is finally revealed. The mystery about Ed Gray's EMA motors is finally over. With two recovered EMA motor prototypes on stage at the KeelyNet Conference in June 2001, Norman Wootan discusses every design feature possible. Every single way the real motors deviate from the designs revealed in Gray's Patent are discussed in detail.


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  • Tom Doherty 7 years ago

    Thanks, OGT, I thought it was just me that couldn't see the video.
    I thought it was a test, a bit like the story of the Kings new clothes, everything appears to be ok, until you try to run the video, even then all appears ok, but no action. Must be a crossed line or one of those malfunction episodes.

  • moron 7 years ago

    omg , mr rice, what are u going to get from those people since u already took their money from electricity bills lol

  • Old Git Tom 7 years ago

    Super, except the video does not appear. OGT

  • Condaleeza Rice 8 years ago

    Now listen very carefully! I want all the names and addresses of the people involved in this silly idea of free energy. If this takes off where will my next oil millions come from? My colleagues have spent decades eradicating anybody involved...., I mean building up our industries. This is simply unfair.

    Never mind, I just received a phone call from Dick Cheney and everything is under control.
    See you in the obituaries, Condie.