The God Who Wasn’t There

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Former fundamentalist Christian Brian Flemming places the core concepts of his former religion under the microscope in a documentary that attempts to do for religion what Morgan Spurlock’s <a title="Super Size Me" href="">Super Size Me</a> did for the fast-food industry. In his bold quest to seek answers to the difficult questions that few are willing to pose, Flemming is joined by<em>Deconstructing Jesus</em> author Robert M. Price, renowned historian Richard Carrier, and <em>The End of Faith</em> author Sam Harris.

From the ignorance of many contemporary Christians as to the origin of their religion to the striking similarities between Jesus Christ and the deities worshipped by ancient pagan cults and the Christian obsession with blood and violence, this faith-shaking documentary explores the many mysteries of the Christian faith as never before.

This documentary argues the “mythicist” case in the historical Jesus debate. This position says that Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t a real person but a fiction based on Jewish scriptures and mystery religions of the Roman Empire. It doesn’t make sense to talk about a “real” Jesus – there wasn’t any. This documentary has good information but could have been better produced – any high school student could have done a better job.


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  • gsjikwblao 6 years ago

    All interpretations of the Bible which hold it to be a description of physical events which occurred long ago have contradiction in them because they are not true.  The Bible itself is aware of this and for this reason gives warning that hidden things would be revealed. We have been motivated by our nature to settle on what seems to be an obvious interpretation because it does not prevent us from amassing a large amount of wealth and still be saved.  With our convictions of conscience in their initial low-lying state of influence, we do not feel, as we amass wealth that our success is in any related to the suffering of those who lack wealth. When our convicting consciences evolve into an increased sensitivity state we see this and also engage a new interpretation of the Bible which reveals all the hidden things that the Bible said would be revealed.
      This interpretation, which eliminates all the contradiction (and nonsense) of previous interpretations, shows the Bible to be a documentation of exactly how the human race evolves from our initial nature to our later nature.  This information makes predictions which can be verified through experiment which is the scientific method.  This understanding which is supported by established fact in the field of human psychology, also solves the "synoptic problem". What we have seen as contradictions was actually put into the Bible by design to facilitate the emergence of the true interpretation at the time of change. The same is true of the exact verbal agreement of the synoptic problem.  This interpretation, in fulfillment of the Bible itself, is documented in the book "The Third Measure of Meal"

  • anonymous 6 years ago

    well I'll agree that this guy's film was trying to push one side of the arguement but it didn't seem to me like he had an axe togrind. I thought it was an interesting picture of christianity

  • Obviously this clown has an axe to grind and is not approaching the subject as unbiasedly as he seems to want to claim.