The Freedom Movie

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The Movie That Will Help Save The World.
Topics Covered:
- The Power Structure in the US and World
- The New World Order
- Specific Neurotoxins in Food and Water
- How to Reverse Disease
- Organic Food
- Codex Ailmentarius
- Vaccines
- Chemtrails
- Mainstream Media Control Structure & Agenda
- Suppressed Cures for Disease
- Free Energy Suppression
- UFO's
- Financial Collapse
- What Happens During Financial Collapse?
- Martial Law and FEMA
- The 2nd Ammendment
- Deep Underground Military Bases
- Whistleblowers who Have Lost their Lives
- Celebrities Speaking out
- The New World Order Energy Solution
- 10 Steps to Prepare for the Future


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  • stupidpunk 6 years ago

    what a wonderful.....piece of information

  • Jesse 6 years ago

    there soon going to make a flu that kills every one that dosnt get the shots

  • Karl_chandler1 6 years ago

    glad I found this site thanks to whomever is doing this excellent work

  • Karl_chandler1 6 years ago

    yeah it does do the fox umg but think for your selves click on the right arrow and it will carry on come thats what there telling us THINK for yourselves peace

  • Dick Douglas 6 years ago

    Umm..... that would be "due" to. I'm DL'ing the torrent. There are still cracks in the system... for now, anyway.

  • Dick Douglas 6 years ago

    Nice, except it cuts off do to copyright restrictions from Fox and UMG. The system is still in control.