The Freedom Movie 2: A Spiritual Awakening

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This movie is a combination of all the best work of almost 60 Scientists, Doctors, Philosophers and Authors from all over the world. Some of the individuals include; Michael Tsarion, Alex Collier, Edgar Cayce, Graham Hancock, Greg Braden and David Icke. Film covers a various topics like; conspiracy, spirituality, metaphysics and etc.


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  • Realxades 5 years ago

    The ego has been around a lot longer than media of any type ..... 

  • truth seeker 5 years ago

    This is bollocks

  • Acuenca85 5 years ago

    This one doesn't work either. The 3rd, one!!

  • Devon3dyadig 5 years ago

    This is my favorite documentary

  • jajaxx11 6 years ago

    loved this...if only we all opened our minds to exploring things like this. Very interesting.

  • Eagles1994 6 years ago

    this is am amazing documentary
    it is piercing in its observation
    and conclusion
    we are all energy
    reality is an illusion
    simply energy vibrating at diiferent cycles
    this makes sense
    give this to a happy clapper or any other rigid religious person
    it could change their perspectives
    5 stars !