The Crisis of Civilization

2012 Society 13.51K Views 7 Comments
<em>The Crisis of Civilization</em> is a documentary feature film investigating how global crises like ecological disaster, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, terrorism and food shortages are converging symptoms of a single, failed global system. Weaving together archival film footage and animations, film-maker Dean Puckett, animator Lucca Benney and international security analyst Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, offer a stunning wake-up call proving that <em>‘another world’</em> is not merely possible, but on its way.

The film reveals how a failure to understand the systemic context of these crises, linked to neoliberal ideology, has generated a tendency to deal not with their root structural causes, but only with their symptoms. This has led to the proliferation of war, terror, and state-terror, including encroachment on civil liberties, while accelerating global crises rather than solving them.


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  • Foldo 5 years ago

    This guy means well but he is just repeating what others are saying. 

  • Lord_levenshulme 5 years ago

    British trained 'douches' were the founding fathers of our present ruling class.
    All douches, save for one or two.

  • Lord_levenshulme 5 years ago

    As good a set of reasons as any for the disastrous things we do to ourselves and each other in the name of god, growth, national security or whatever the spin we are fed.

    It is time for us to reboot OUR system from bottom to top. 
    We can't start at the top.

    In these times, anybody who doubts that we cannot or should not make changes, firstly in our local communites, is in denial, or receives terribly biased information.En fin, this documentary and many others like it raise the most relevant global issues of today, mostly unseen in the predominant global press and media, and generate a lucid argument for discussion and action.

  • Financial? mafia is near their end. Love and freedom will win!

  • capn-canard 5 years ago

    Nice... compelling arguments. And I agree that the standard western model needs to be replaced with something that actually works.

  • Celltribe 5 years ago

    Okay. I turned this shit off when this British trained, Muslim raised douche, started talking about being a security specialist. Though he's right about unlimited growth being bullshit the factvthat he has avthinktank to figure this out is Fu king imbecilic. Too much to go into to tell his flawed this Guy is. Bottom line shun big business. Fire your politicians and take your towns back one by one. Then you own your government again. If you wont buy local because you can save a Buck at the lo al giant mart then fuck you and don't bitch.

  • Snetor 5 years ago

    Seductive film about serious problems. Highly contorversial analysis and claims on facts. Very vague about changes in political and economic system.