The Cost of a Coke

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Matt Beard’s film exposes the lies, moral bankruptcy and corruption that pervades Coca-Cola in Colombia and highlights conflicts of interest of Federal Judge Jose Martinez in presiding over the Coca-Cola lawsuits. Check out <a href="">Battle for Justice</a>.

Coca Cola, we’ve found out, has actually been cooperating with paramilitaries in Colombia to execute workers in their own bottling plants that are trying to form unions and trying to demand better working conditions. So we’ve been able to bring this to the attention of Universities and say ‘if Coca Cola doesn’t stop doing this and if Coca Cola doesn’t adopt different practices, then our University is no longer willing to have anything to do with Coca Cola.

In the world of the Coca-Cola Company, whenever there’s a union there’s always a bust, whenever there’s corruption there’s always the real thing, yeah!! Justice Productions second release, The Cost of a Coke: 2nd Edition is the updated version to Matt Beard’s first documentary, The Cost of a Coke.

The Cost of a Coke: 2nd Edition explores the corruption and moral bankruptcy of the world’s most popular soda, and what you can do to help end a gruesome cycle of murders and environmental degradation.


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  • you can get the The Cost of a Coke: Revisited only at now. Also airing on dish Network on FSTV. Thanx for watching. Glad everyone likes the music... lol

  • Roger 7 years ago

    Get rid of the music!! It makes the otherwise good documentary almost unwatchable, and your case is undermined by using 'comedy' music and a bias tone in the narration. Just present the facts from both sides and let us make up our minds. Have a little faith in the intelligence of your audience.

  • Umm I think it would be better if NO state ruled over us zionist muslum or other wise!!! Put the power back in the hands of the people not the church or state!!!

  • Zionists suck same as coke...its depressing actually...


  • shut up and fight back 8 years ago

    power corrupts and coca cola felled to elites hand wich are all zionists.

    this video should be shown in every place that sells coca-cola products.

  • anndiamond 8 years ago

    can someone tell me why is there that awful music in the background???? soooo annoying and distracts from what this doco is about!

  • Sharky 8 years ago

    that is real terrorism!
    I ve always been abhoring Coke and its products 1st due to their health-devastating ingredients and because of all the crimes Coke commits around the world especially by financing theZionist state!