The Bridge

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Inspired by a New Yorker story, “Jumpers,” written by Tad Friend, director Eric Steel decided to train cameras on the Golden Gate Bridge over the course of 2004 to capture the people who attempted to leap off the famed structure, the site of more suicides than anywhere else in the world. He also tracked down and interviewed the friends, family members, and eyewitnesses to further recreate the events leading up to the incident and to try to explain what led these people to want to kill themselves, especially at this specific site. The documentary’s primary subjects all struggled with mental illness, including severe depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders, and the documentary struggles to understand their illness while illuminating the anger and hurt of their loved ones.

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    What a wonderful human being the photographer was to save the girl's life.

  • Guest

    I feel so sorry for the families and friends left behind....

  • Guest

    So many sad and lonely people in this many misdiagnosed people.....
    so many misunderstood people......if only we could reach out to the person next to us....if only we could help the person on the street with no hope...
    Don't just walk by the person on the street asking for money, ignore him/her.  Many have had such tragic lives, many are homeless, and just need someone to care.
    So many mentally ill people on the streets, so many hooked on drugs and every one of them need help.  Why do we just walk by?

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