The Birth Of Israel

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Documentary examining the the events leading up to the Israeli war of Independence in 1949, its continuing impact on Arab/Israeli relations and the implications for the Middle East peace process.

Sixty years ago Israel established itself in the wake of the British Mandate of Palestine.

For the Palestinians, expelled from their homes in the process, the Israeli War of Independence is still known as The Catastrophe (al-Nakba).

Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East editor examines the events leading up to the conflict, the war itself and the lasting legacy for the Middle East.


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  • you are so ignorant. I'm sorry for you

  • N, I agree with one thing you said - This is awful,
    awful that there are alot of people like yourself believing and thinking what you just said, its sad really that you talk with such conviction about things you are so ignorant about.

    Let me make a wild guess - you don't actually live in Israel, right?
    well, I am, all my life
    and I invite you to consider the possibility that you are wrong, and come see for yourself, then talk.

  • Abir Stolov 5 years ago


  • This is awful. I just don't understand how Israel can claim no responsibility for what has happened here. Genocide, displacement, ethnic cleansing, all being done even today. This is all happening in the modern era? Its so disheartening.....Why do we blame these poor refugees and Palestine in general for their will and resolve to fight? If someone came to your house and forced you to live looking over your shoulder for 60 years...... Why haven't I heard anything in this documentary about the real reason that  Israel managed to win most of these battles, there was no mention of certain nations stepping in to support Israel's colonialistic creation. How were they able to be so well armed and overcome masses of Arab soldiers, organized or not?

  • Charles Lozada 5 years ago

    I'm gonna stick my neck out, screw mossad!you got that right. it's called anti semitism. THE superior chosen people cannot be challenged. Some people call themselves j--- while others take offense! what gives?
    I dare not call them by their race or religion. you figure out what "J" stands for. i don't want to be sued or go to guantanamo.
    BTW the u.s. does not run the world. it is that little piece of land in the middle east, the size of N.J. who calls the shots. through lobbies, "their" orgs. and media.
    Pray tell, did you ever see a movie where the chosen ones are not playing Victims (tm) meek and humble people.are they ever portrayed in a negative light?
    The final war will be about that stolen desert land. wait and see!!!!

  • capricorn 16 6 years ago

    there's another thing i want to say about subject. i found no other comments are you fucking afraid of israel ? don't tell nobody watched the documentary this is impossible ! so if there's some comments about show them or it will be nothing to do with freedom of speech. think about it !

  • capricorn 16 6 years ago

    there's a big current error about this subject. this was not a war of independence, it was and still an occupation, massacres of the real people in palestine, the palestinian arabs. israel is a racist regime, evil state and all the presidents of this fucking racist bastard state are war criminals.