The Age of Transitions

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Converging technology, transhumanism, and our future in the making. The cutting edge group known as transhumanists see a beautiful future brought about by artificial intelligence, life extension, and cybernetics. What one must realize before getting carried away with such utopian dreams is that transhumanism was born out of the elitist pseudo-science eugenics. This documentary provides vital information on the history of eugenics and its new cutting edge transformation.

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  • Coy

    Eugenics is what the nazis played with and believed in.... Makes perfect sense as to the elite hiding the true nature of 2012 as to mass kill off all the "bad" dna............ World wide holocaust.

  • dreammming7

    The problem is not how to solve the life of so called humanity. or to have improvement in the body so that others may use us even more as slaves.

    the problem is understanding who we are.

    the solution is simple. it is simple truth.

    by seeking yourself within, one attains nirvana and there will be no more rebirth.

    unless ofcourse you truly believe you are a separate entity.

    ignorance is the root of all evil. what are you?

  • Michael Atredas

    Thank you for your insightful work. I'd just like to add that you did not speak about the racial dimension to this appalling evil being perpetrated on the human race. They intend to kill at least 90% of Black People on earth through AIDS, famine, war etc. The rest will be kept for genetic experiments and on labour camps. People tend to overlook the White Supremacy Agenda and what it means for the human race of the future. (I'm not talking about silly stuff like KKK, but far bigger). Please research this element. It is absolutely vital to greater understanding of the problem. Also check out Melanin and and Light/Photon Absorption by the human body, particularly humans with high concentration of Melanin, (blacks, browns etc). This is very new stuff. This will elucidate something absolutely remarkable about the human race as a whole. The white Elite have bred a society of complacent white people. As long as whites 'believe' this science fiction nonsense, then that's the world they will inherit. It is not too late, but white peoples of the world need to really once and for all, WAKE UP! I'm giving you some real clues. Peace & Love.

  • R. James

    transhumanism = eugenics ????

    All I'm seeing here, including the author of that video are doom mongers trying to get attention by being pseudo non-conformists. Like hippies against gm crops. Bioconservatives like the video said who are either misinformed, brain washed or too uneducated to understand technology and it's potential.

    Penn and Teller could always use more neo-luddites for their show ;)

  • Mr. Rogers

    Can you say "BORG"?

  • C. Davis

    There is no stopping the technological advancements. What we must do is make sure these technologies are not misused. There must be strict and open ethical oversight in all sectors of this technology. The production of it, the full capabilities, the implications. Also what I am going to call the "programming" must have this same type of ethical oversight.

    Stopping it from happening is impossible. This movie highlights the corrupt possibilities and intentions. But the fact is that these scientists have none of that in mind. It is a challenge that scientists must overcome. To stop this is to stop is to stop technology. I realize I sound like a "transhumanist" and you know what? I might be. But it is for the good. We just have to make sure that it stays that way. No "transhumanists" save for the sociopaths who have aspirations of enslaving humanity. We don't want to be the Borg. We see the amazing possibilities. We can't help that we're optimists.

    There is a need for the realization of the other side. We MUST know that there exists the corruption in this world to take something beautiful and turn it evil. We must stop those who would use this technology for their own villainous agendas but not let their intentions blind you from the fantastic potential of it. Many of the "transhumanists" shown are simply scientists from many different fields who see this purely good potential.

    Let's not act like the basis of Eugenics isn't correct. It's just when people try to put it into effect against wills that there is a problem. The director cut a clip of one woman short who was talking about Darwin's idea and Universal Darwinism. What she was about to say is very simple if one is to believe in the theory of evolution. It is "If you have variety and selection combined with heredity then you must have evolution."

    I think that's enough for now.

  • T.S. Garp

    The "Great Work" as the plan for humanity is know, has been planned for a very long time. Longer than you can imagine. Alan Watt was featured in an audio clip in this film, he is the most knowledgeable on this topic. Download his daily podcasts, and begin to learn.

  • freewillwarrior

    knowing your true self is imperitive when facing our esoteric agenda and kymatica for more info.

  • ew keane

    Lucifer suggests that nature is imperfect, and that only the hand of man can perfect it.

    Thus, human nature may be expressed in commonly shared world veiws, and some world views cause friction between cultures, and peoples.

    If you believe that the plain nature of plants and animals is a perfect form for mortal man to exist, in groves of fresh fruits and vegetables, and using simple machines and draft animals to accomplish this life, then you might be saved from eternal damnation.

    Transhumanism, at its extreme may be the vision of George Lucas, in his film 'THX 1138'

    It is my opinion that transhumanism is a kind of radical communism, that has as its aim a new race of men, like the nazi ideal of die ubermench, or the soviet new communist man.

    Perhaps, the two will live together as in 'Brave New World', the savage men of the land, and the civilized men of the city.

  • screwtranshumanism

    The voice over is annoying, get a professional. as far as the issues
    I like being human, thank you... i don't need the elite telling me what to think or do through a microchip. down with posthumanism.

  • scaredstiff

    Disturbingly imminent. I hope the individual succeeds in overcoming this involuntary collective. Expansion of the mind and the ability to learn is one thing but not at the expense of our individuality.

  • Inochi

    This doc is about more than just eugenics, its actually about what its title claims: The Age of Transitions. What is that? Well watch the doc and find out! This ones quite good, short and to the point with very little boring material :D

    I'd like to point out, even though many people and organizations are made out in this doc to be villains, attempting to "Fight" these groups in a traditional sense is mostly pointless. Even bringing groups and people like these to trial only opens up their place for others to fill.

    Until social/economic systems within our society change the elitists and their ideals and anti-humanist behavior will continue. Educate everyone to whats going on, its a far more effective way to ensure these groups never achieve their goals.

  • Gimme A Cigarette

    Woah pretty scary stuff!! In this document they talk about technology and evolution with it, and eventually having two species of human,ect. i think its interesting that h.g.wells knew this,you can get a feeling for this in the classic movie The Time Machine, I think his view of the future is most likley probable, makes you wonder, was he, and other film makers writers ect, trying to let us know about this stuff early? or were they just putting it right infront of our sheeple faces? Anyways good Dockie on this subject, Eugenics is scary, Scientist and scientism should be stopped before they go to far! The Elite is not god for god's sake!!

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