T. Rex – Warrior or Wimp?

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<em>Tyrannosaurus rex</em> – it’s the scariest, meanest, most bewitching dinosaur of them all. Children are captivated by the sheer savagery of the teeth.

Experts marveled at the force of its bite – ten times more powerful than anything we know today. Movie makers made millions out of the terror it inspired. But could our picture of this monster be completely wrong?

Was T. rex in fact a slow lumbering creature, with hideously bad breath, that couldn’t get anywhere close to catching a Triceratops. Was it really a scavenger that lived off the scraps left by others? Was T. rex, in fact, a wimp?

Featuring fabulous graphics and interviews with T. rex experts from around the world, Horizon looks at the new science that is challenging the legend of the dinosaur we love to hate.

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