Syria: Inside The Secret Revolution

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After Libya, will Syria be the next Arab dictatorship to fall to people power? For months, a popular uprising has been fighting an unseen and bloody battle against the Syrian regime. Panorama has been filming inside Syria, and can now tell the full story of those struggling against President Assad and the truth about his brutal crackdown against his own people.

Jane Corbin reports on the popular uprising in Syria, where for months people have been fighting back against President Assad's regime. Panorama's cameras go inside the country to tell the full story of those struggling against the dictator and the truth about his brutal crackdown against his own people

The town of Deraa in southern Syria is where the people's revolution began in March - sparked by the arrest and torture of a group of schoolchildren for scribbling graffiti critical of President Bashar al-Assad's regime. This is what has unfolded behind the black curtains Bashar Assad's regime has drawn around Syria.



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  • Guest 6 years ago

    Middle East domino effect propaganda.

  • DJLoveHz 6 years ago

    I disagree with you.

    At the beginning they said they were going to display the videos and present them close to the actual timeline of events. The footage comes right from the streets where this is happening. It's raw footage, not a biased spin on things. Much of the information of the footage used comes from the 'Description' on the YouTube page they got it from.

    Also, the media has been banned from Syria so what Journalist is gonna jump in there? Especially when there are people telling the story by uploading the videos everyday.

    To me, this is good journalism. They explained the concept of their presentation right from the start, and explained why they could not go into the country themselves.

    This was a BBC presentation, not CNN.

    If you don't believe any of it, just go to YouTube and watch the videos that have been uploaded over the past several months.

  • Humbleviewer 6 years ago

    Very biased and one sided, don't waste your time watching....can we please have some real journalism