Spirit Science

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A cosmic discussion about the universe and nature of all things. The world right now is living in critical times. Political meltdowns, global recession, revolutions speeding across the middle east. Daily life is getting faster and faster, time is speeding up, and were almost peaking, but to what end result?

Something big is about to happen, Something new, perhaps just out of the reach of our normal imagination. What is it? And will this change be so strong and powerful to change our very nature, and bring us into an entire new understanding of the one reality?

Simple answer: yes

Long answer? Well, that's what spirit science is for.


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  • Excellent teaching re: chakras! worth watching!

  • Huuuuyt 6 years ago

    Ilusions and wishful thinking never become reality

  • balan 6 years ago

    If you need to buy something to feel good, your runnin the rat race of your emotions and thoughts. We need to be cognizant of them so we can transcend.

  • watchthis! 6 years ago


    There are two things in documentary that i think need review...

    1) Not every thought comes from within into the external world. If you get hungry it's not always because you thought of food, its because your body requires it. That being said, it's more likely that physical influences determine our thoughts.

    2) It's true that one idea can be learned/used/believed etc. by more than one person, but it all depends on each person's perspective on it. Until ideas have some physical representation, their just thoughts...