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Documentary look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs) compared to free, universal care in Canada, the U.K., and France. Moore contrasts U.S. media reports on Canadian care with the experiences of Canadians in hospitals and clinics there. He interviews patients and doctors in the U.K. about cost, quality, and salaries. He examines why Nixon promoted HMOs in 1971, and why the Clintons' reform effort failed in the 1990s. He talks to U.S. ex-pats in Paris about French services, and he takes three 9/11 clean-up volunteers, who developed respiratory problems, to Cuba for care.


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  • Rita_sms 2 years ago

    after seeing this documentary, i think human's right watch sould go to least in my country health is equally offered to everyone, even if it takes time. i think the difference between usa and europe is that here we still care about others, and are most of the times happy to help others. isn't a medical quote : never deny health care to those in need???!??! god bless europe!!

  • someones mad.......

  • rambunctious cow 2 years ago

    Well i think canada works for many reasons.   Yes you have to wait - if your matter is not urgent....or you don't choose to follow advice..... However, if it's life threatening or will really ruin your quality of life, you can access the best care, equally offered to the rich or poor as fast as you need it.

    I work in and have accessed health care here (in excess) as a 42 year old stage 4 cancer survivor. I've also had multiple concussions, knee injuries, other illnesses. My family has received the best possible care with spinal cord, head injuries, chronic illnesses and mental health issues. I've also provided health care services to the homeless, drug addicted and mentally ill on skid row.  When we needed it - care was there and the quality of care was leading edge. Even on skid row.  Living in British Columbia, Canada offers the best chance of surviving cancer in the world......In addition we offer some of the best end of life care in the world!  We need to get on top of costs - there's alot of waste and lack of outcomes in some areas but i have NO issue being taxed for the quality of care I've received. I love to know that a low income minority has the same access as i do.

    Please stop insulting each other - we are all entitled to our opinions and shouldn't be slamming each other so blatantly. Life is too short to be angry.

  • Terence 2 years ago

    I love this documentary. Im so happy that our President Barack Obama has implemented the Affordable Health Care Act which is a start to the Universal Health Care we Americans need. All we need is our US Congress to let us at least try it and Im positive we will love it!

  • Guest 2 years ago

    spare me the sob stories, u fat Moore

  • Guest 2 years ago

    HAHA, all of America isn't LA, NYC, and Chiocago contrary to what HollyWood and the media shows you.  Yes, I wouldn't live in those places either.  But I live in a very rural part of Nebraska, where people don't even lock their doors.....our town doesn't even have it's own local police department...not much crimes, and drugs here, buddy.  And I agree about the China point.  Simple sollution:  STOP SPENDING MONEY.  Do what Ron Paul suggested, and return To A Gold Standard.  End the nanny, welfare state, cut taxes and stop spending. 

  • Guest 2 years ago

    good for u, and the, like 100 other people who live in Canada, LOL

  • Chappy715 2 years ago

    Do you realize that you are 15 trillion dollars in debt, if China decides they want their money back one day you will instantly become a third world country. Not that you aren't already well on your way there, it's sad to see that your last few governments have ruined your country and you will be very lucky to ever straighten out the mess they have left for their children. China's economy grows at over ten percent per year and will soon surpass you as the world's superpower.

  • Chappy715 2 years ago

     Whatever bud America is a cesspool of drugs, crime, and filth.You can't even walk the streets of your own cities for fear of being mugged.

  • oh yeah, wallstreet has nothing to do with big businessess... no sir...

  • Titaniumpony2 2 years ago

    yeah, um, im in canada, I would never go to america for health care.I'm sure your quite smart, but don't be dumb, sir.

  • Titaniumpony2 2 years ago

    pfff ,yeah, lets shun them just because they're communist.

  • Gavinreilly2011 2 years ago

    china going to wipe ur ass of the floor soon cant wait hahah fucking yanks

  • Hammer 2 years ago

    scre u and communist Cuba..i don't need the government to decide what type of coverage I need, or should have.  free markets forever..u crazy Irish buffoon

  • this doc made me think im glad im no american  im from ierland i work and happy to pay for my ppl that havent got it becaues thay will do the same. America spend money on killing for oil than spending on the own ppl cuba 5 star on health USA not worth a star shocking so much for the rich country in the world rather live in cuba not rich but have the care to even look after americans for free

  • HAMMER 2 years ago

    You sir are the ignorant moron.  You are the brainwashed one, stupid.  Nobody has a "right" to healthcare.  It is npt provided for in the US Constitution.  Anyone is free to purchase, or not purchase any product, in the free market that they wish.  I Am Very Educated, for the record, so nice try.  I do not believe in socialism, or communism.  I don't want to pay for your care, nor do I wish for you to pay for mine.  If I chose to buy private insurance, I want to buy as much, or as little, as I like, not what is "mandated" by the government.  Yes, unlike in socialist Europe, we are free to make our own decisions with our Money, instead of the government making those choices for us, through taxation, and spending.  Every tax you pay, is actually giving up more rights.  I hope they apeal Obamacare.  Most of the country is against it (look it up).  Businesses don't control my life.  Who do u think owns the businesses?  We do.  Moronic idiot

  • Robbiemorrissey 2 years ago

     My God , Universal Healthcare is not communism you moron. You make me want to cry with your brainwashed stupidity. Everyone should have the right to be looked after , what is the crime in that? No , US does not have the best system. You have a worse health record than Cuba which is a third world country! You know nothing , you are an ignorant , selfish and uneducated person who is frightened of helping anyone but himself. Your country is labeled as the land of the free , but nobody is really free unless they are free to live without the worry of paying for health. No business should ever be in control of your life.

  • HAMMER 2 years ago

    Ya, that's why people From World Over come here to see the best doctors.  My Canadian friends come across to the US because they are tired of waiting in Canada.

  • Guest 2 years ago

     Best system? Why is it that you are always at the bottom of every list? like healthcare,education Etc

  • Guest 2 years ago

    As long as you keep fighting  the truth, nothing will change :)

  • Guest 2 years ago

    The end of this movie made me cry. This is pathetic. Here we sit, denouncing socialism, while the French and English and Canadians are looking at us like we're idiots. For every person who denounces equal access to healthcare, congratulations..the health insurance companies didn't even need to pay you off. If these things were right, they wouldn't need the BIGGEST LOBBY IN THE US to keep things status quo. One day, I hope, we will have this period in history books as America's dark ages..seduced by corporate big wigs into letting them profit billions at the expense of the rest of us. Let me ask you this, what is the point of letting one man have 1 billion dollars? What the hell can he buy that is better than giving 100,000 people the ability to live another day? Shame on us.

  • DISQ8077 2 years ago

    because I don't need the government to decide for me, what I need.  I want to keep As Much Of my Money as possible, to decide for myself how to spend markets, baby..and Moore is a far left communist

  • Lucas M 2 years ago

    To put things in perspective: would you like to pay for elementary school? Would you like to pay for EVERY road you use? Would you like to pay for the police to find the person that robbed your house, raped your sister, shot your dog? The thing is: you do, as soon as you pay taxes. Why not pay for a decent health care system? Yes, government controlled, but for a good reason: to cut out the middle men, which in this case are the insurance companies who have only one goal: to make as much money and to reject as many claims as possible. To all of you out there who stopped thinking about these things a long time ago: start thinking again. It's worth it.

  • Guest 2 years ago

    Is that right, fagget(purposely misspelled to avoid spam folder)?   fuck u asshole

  • Dude there's no point arguing with idiots, they just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience; and this richbatra guy seems to be the idiot of idiots.

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