Secrets of the Occult: The Scientists

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Secrets of the Occult explores the world of the occult from the ancient and modern magicians who practice it to the cutting edge scientists attempting to explain its mysterious claims. This program highlights the advances that have been achieved by innovators who challenged established reality like Newton, Galileo, Carl Jung and Einstein.

The claims of the occult magicians are put under the microscope to reveal the fascinating interface between ancient Egyptian and Greek beliefs to modern discoveries of the mind and the physical world.

Experts speak on a range of topics from the function of magic to the beginning of mysticism. Dreams and the Collective Unconscious, a 21st Century Perspective, and many more subjects related to the first magicians and modern scientists who unravel the mysteries of our world are included.

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  • Csecrest2 5 years ago

    I finally realize that String Theory is the equivalent of Science connections to Spirituality which have its orgins in the Ancient Civilizations. Good insightful video.