The Secret World of Gold

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People have lied, cheated, killed and plundered to get their hands on gold. To finance the Third Reich, the Nazis went after the gold of Europe. England, France and other allied countries secretly shipped their gold across the Atlantic to keep it safe. Today, gold shines in the world of high finance, but it’s hard to know how much exists. So where is the gold… and who really owns it? Gold was the ultimate guarantee of national survival, even today gold shines in the world of high finance. Gold is the largest commodity market on the planet Earth. They make billions of dollars in a single day by manipulating the market. From China in the East to America in the West, the question ricocheting around the world is simple and troubling: where is the gold? Is America's gold in Fort Knox and if so who really owns it? How is it possible that for every 100 ounces traded on electronic exchanges there may not even be one ounce of real gold backing it up.

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