Red Light Blues

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This documentary is about the Red Light district of Amsterdam, as it is going through radical, far-reaching changes, the consequences of which might be felt all over Europe. Red Light Blues starts with the Red Light district’s Open Day, which was organized by Mariska Majoor (37), an ex prostitute who runs an information center on the Red Light district. This Open Day was sort of an idyllic reflection of paradise. All this was in total contrast to what was going on in the political corridors. Politicians and business people, for their close-mouthed reasons, were beginning to push for the closure of the Red Light District. There’s a total freedom of religion in this particular world as the prostitutes and the clients don’t care a bit if you’re a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist. The discrimination of color also doesn’t exist here. The Netherlands was the world’s first country to introduce the Law of Tolerance and thus the first country to stop treating prostitution in a hypocritical way. Until now. Red light Blues' is a one hour documentary about the earth-shaking changes at Amsterdam's Red Light District. The struggle between the politicians, who want to close it and the people who live, work or visit there. Outspoken and non-conformist, the documentary features interviews with Amsterdam's Mayor and other politicians, as well as with sex-workers and their clients.
This is an informative documentary about a subject seldom discussed, and it is thought-provoking in its approach.
If any group of people is mis-represented and often abused, it is the sex-workers who chose for this profession. Most people don't like to believe that such people exist and would rather have a less-diverse society, without sex workers in it. 'Red Light Blue's sheds an honest light on that part of our society.
The City reclaimed hundreds of windows, under the pretext that they were run by criminals, painted them all in white and rents them out to fashion designers. We’ll attempt to understand what’s going on by talking with Amsterdam’s Mayor Mr. Job Cohen, with prostitutes and ex-prostitutes, with ordinary people, politicians, clergy people, police officers, sociologists, historians and tourist guides. So, there is still hope. Red Light Blues is a light-hearted, straightforward (no hidden camera) documentary with a touch of poetic flair.

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  • scousetommy

    Morality is all well and good but you need to grow up take off the blinkers and see the bigger picture. There has always been Prostitution, and it will always be there. At the moment in this city it is very well regulated, health checks are done and taxes are paid. Take it away and you spread it around the whole city. You drive it into underground brothels run by organized crime. You drive the older girls out onto the streets. No regulation, no safety and no taxes. These girls then become criminalized. So is this "something that they can be proud of, something that will be praised and appreciated hundreds of years from now."

  • Izzi

    maybe it's time for mankind to learn how to build authentic and meaningful relationships. we've had 250,000 of instinct driving us, it's time to grow up and create civilized communities. next time a girl wants a puppy, maybe she can think of more creative and loving ways of working for it. the message that a 16 year old girl sells herself just so that she can indulge in instant gratification, is a sad reflection of the human Soul. I'm not surprised that some people are ready to have the red light district replaced with something that they can be proud of, something that will be praised and appreciated hundreds of years from now.

  • Helen7708

    I really don't mind this type of regulated prostitution, and admire the liberation in Amsterdam, but I can see it from the point of view of the politicians as well; I wouldn't want the ONLY reason people come to my city to be for sex trade, it doesn't attract the  most desirable tourists (like the American expat host- gross)! And Amsterdam is a beautiful place with a lot more to offer other than just sex and drugs.

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