RBS: Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money

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The Royal Bank of Scotland was once a famous Scottish institution; a bank with a reputation for prudence. But in October 2008, less than a decade after Fred Goodwin took over as chief executive, it came within hours of collapsing. RBS later posted the biggest loss in UK corporate history – 24 billion pounds – which damaged the bank’s reputation for financial prudence and Scotland’s image as a global financial center. Using previously unbroadcast footage of the bank’s top executives and interviews with bank insiders, this documentary tells the compelling story of a national catastrophe.

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  • canadiantruenorth

    Wow , in light of the 15 TRILLION DOLLAR FRAUD just uncovered in this bank NO WONDER THIS HAPPENED . Google Lord James of Blackheath in the house of LORDS UK  jan 2012 speech 15 trillion fraud by the Royal bank of Scotland , quite interesting after watching this doc .

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