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Details the rise and rise of the "Permaculture Concept".


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  • ew keane 8 years ago

    I have only been able to read about this mans ideas. Thanks for posting, and now I have a resource to pass on to the organic gardeners in my county.

  • Danny Cunnington 8 years ago

    Very nice documentary. I'm very interested in organic micro-farming. I would like more knowledge especially about using ground lava rock to re-mineralize depleted soil. I've only seen this used once. It was on an organic small holding in Scotland.

    Black lava rock is very common. It contains a super rich source of minerals which because they are in elemental form, cannot be utilized directly by the plant. Enter, our friend the earth worm. Earth worms that exist in a mineral depleted soil environment think this stuff is chocolate and they gorge themselves on it. Earthworms, as they travel through the soil aerate it with tunnels and when they take a poo all of the previously unabsorbable mineral content has been converted and deposited in a tunnel which when it rains makes plants grow amazingly well in terms of size, yield, shelf life and resistance to pests.

    This food is much healthier to eat as it "remineralizes you. Even the birds and chickens are happy because the earthworms they eat are also more nutritious!

    I see from researching animal feeds that pigs. goats and cows get massive mineral supplements in their feed but humans do not. Try looking at this from a, "Who benefits" point of view as you might see this: Unhealthy animals = loss of profit. Unhealthy humans = profit. Therefore, the reverse is also true.

    Big money slave master doesn't like independence, health and well being. Personally I think it's the only game in town, I'm not alone and there are millions of us just ripping the closet door of in order to get out!

    Some people know that it will always be easier to make a deal with Mother Nature then to arrogantly confront her. She can be nice if you just quit with being such a naughty boy/girl.

  • Ron Osborne 8 years ago

    I was trying to have a conversation with you when "LibertyAtStake" assulted our discussion... I am not in odds with you...