Perfect Storm: The England Riots

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This mini-documentary film looks at the initial causes and wider context surrounding the recent England riots. Politicians refuse to acknowledge their role in creating a deeply unfair and failing society, a perfect storm of police brutality, city poverty and austerity measures, that will only get worse unless the root problem is addressed. Did you know for the rioters to be on par with the looting by the financial bailouts, corporate tax avoiders and Libyan invasion, they would have to repeat the same level of damage……4,320 times?

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  • wildejamey

    Very good, but they do themselves no favours with silly spelling in the titles. Unfortunately people do prefer the dumbed down propaganda. Sleep is easier than waking up to reality. Even in Spain or Greece, with far greater economic and social problems, and far more willingness to protest than here, the governments are not listening. This is a battle between ordinary people and the forces of the establishment, with control of the forces of repression - military, police, the justice system - on their side to bolster the rotten system of monopoly capitalism. Regretfully, the old tactic of divide and rule between haves and have-slightly-mores is alive and well. It may well take far more dire events before enough people are dispossessed to reach a tipping point.

  • Jamie

    This is all because of the 1% an d the middle class against these people will be there sooner than they think.I found this today and it's great and true and is a way we can have a just world as long as we put the things they use to cause use to fight each other making it easyer to controll us because we are seperated.Like Race Religion and many other things anything they can think of to cause use to hate each other when unless your the 1% you will be inslaved unless we change the way we think.We live in the 21 centary not the 1st,trust me study Wavelution and make sure you understand it.All the bought and paid for government with exceptions what to inslave use expecialy the countrys fighting the illegal wars baised on lies.Please people we are all humain and can live in peace if we stand as one world wide.

  • Limp job ...

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