Outkast - Psychedelic Funk Soul Brothers

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Outkasts meteoric rise to super-stardom has been unique to say the least. From bursting onto the music scene straight after High School, with a single that went gold, to their domination of the current charts and airplay, Outkast have stunned the critics. Their latest album 'SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below has been riding high in the Billboard charts since its release. This complete and unauthorized DVD biography of Outkast includes exclusive and previously unseen film footage and in-depth interviews with those that worked closely with Outkast during their career, including close friends, collegues, journalists, producers and musicians. Having crossed over from innovative hip hop pioneers to global superstars, the story of Outkast is an inspirational tale. The band have deftly paired a passion for esoteric sounds with commercial success, leading to huge critical acclaim, and vast record sales. This unauthorized documentary presents a thorough overview of their career, talking to many people who have worked closely with the group, as well as offering some previously unseen footage.  

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