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ONE, The Project is a coming-together of people seeking to increase awareness of the connections we all share, remind us of our similarities, celebrate our differences and allow the positive energy of Oneness to emerge in a seemingly disconnected world. The Project has grown largely out of an overwhelming international interest in the documentary film: ONE, The Movie. Created by first time filmmakers, the film’s concept is simple: ask life’s ultimate questions to a broad cross-section of humanity (including regular people, great spiritual masters, authors and icons such as: Llewellyn Vaughn Lee, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hahn, Robert Thurman, Deepak Chopra, Father Thomas Keating, Mantak Chia, Barbara Marx-Hubbard and Riane Eisler) and let the dialogue begin! Since the film’s release in 2005, it has been featured at film festivals, sold-out theaters and in six different continents. ONE, The Movie has also shown at over 500 screenings and events worldwide – from universities such as Harvard, Yale and Notre Dame to prisons, barns, corporate board rooms and family rooms! Harnessing the energy of interested professionals, leading edge corporate programs based on the film have now been developed and have been used by companies such as General Motors, Comerica bank and others as part of diversity initiatives, human resources presentations and management training. Educational Programs based on ONE, The Movie have also been created for use in school diversity programs.

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