One Man's Terrorist

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One Man's Terrorist is a speculative anti-war drama set against the back-drop of an America that has fallen into chaos. Elections have been postponed, martial law has been instituted, and a massive federal land grab on the California/Oregon border has inspired a secessionist movement in the "State of Jefferson" region. The film tells the tale of both the soldiers sent in to pacify the region under the auspices of the United Nations and the homegrown insurgents who take up arms to defend their land from foreign invaders.

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  • Teronman

    Imaginary ? Just wait and watch . Its blind brain dead idiots like you that is the reason we are in the state we are in . Not enough people give a shit to pay attention .   

     OH BTW . 3 houses . 2 businesses , 5 kids , 2 college degrees . So fuck off !

  • Rick C

    WTF? Paranoid a little? What a depressing outlook. Imaginary enemies. Get a job

  • peg whacker

    What absolute crap! This isn't a documentary, it's a redneck wet dream. Just wasted some of my life watching this!

  • gonzoopz

    this is a bad depiction of red dawn. I do agree with the idea but the film lacks quality.

  • Bballking14

    Definately accurate especially if Obama gets re-elected.There's already Martial Law in effect and it will get worse when it takes full effect.

  • Bballking14

    Actually Martial Law was set into law so this is actually completely accurate and tells us what could possibly happen, especially if Obama is re-elected.The only immature, and uneducated person here is you.

  • academic editing

    People should not have such terrible behaviour against other people. I hope that they will stop. 

  • John

    This film is pure 100% MANURE!!!!!!  It was made by grossly deluded, absurdly paranoid, spectacularly immature, uneducated, hate filled rednecks . 

  • Knox

     I think this is an accurate portrayal of what is coming... Waco times a thousand. Who will preserve The Constitution? Who Will speak up?

  • Teronman

    Is this some kind of joke  ??  This isnt entertainment . We are actually on the cusp of this very situation . 

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