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Almost as frightening as the tragic events it details, On Native Soil is essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand how systemic failures in U.S. national security led to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. By focusing on 9/11 survivors, the surviving family members of 9/11 victims, and their passionate demand for an official investigation into the World Trade Center attacks masterminded by Osama bin Laden, this riveting documentary serves as a remarkable audio-visual companion to the 9/11 Commission's official report (which is included in its entirety on this DVD). Featuring alternating narration by Kevin Costner and Hilary Swank, the film contains much of the same material included in other 9/11 documentaries, but it's informed by an inspiring sense of moral outrage as we learn, step by step, how much the U.S. government and the Bush administration knew about possible terrorist attacks prior to 9/11, and failed to take any significant action against those threats. Beginning with former CNN reporter Peter Arnett's revealing interview with bin Laden in Afghanistan in 1997, and ending with the sobering observation that we're still inadequately prepared for another 9/11-like attack, On Native Soil unfolds with a deeply personal perspective that's dramatically contrasted by the galling audacity of administrative spin control. As recalled by surviving family members of 9/11 victims, ample evidence existed to prove that the government was aware of terrorist plots on native soil. In light of their research, then-National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice looks particularly culpable: As one grieving widower observes, Rice either lied in her post 9/11 press conferences (when she claimed "nobody could have known of these attacks") or--worse yet--she was unaware of the voluminous evidence of active terrorist plots available in the public record. It goes on from there: interagency communication breakdowns, disorganized response strategies when the attacks occurred, incredibly lax security at airports, and damning evidence of governmental neglect--all leading to the inescapable conclusion that 9/11 might have been avoided had the Bush administration been more attentive to obvious and immediate threats to national security. In driving these points home, director Linda Ellman doesn't flinch from the harshest realities: This is one of the few 9/11 documentaries to show attack victims leaping to their deaths from the burning twin towers of the WTC, and emotional testimony from survivors adds yet another layer of tragedy to these earth-shaking events. As a tribute to the families who confronted a shockingly reluctant administration and demanded the 9/11 Commission Report, On Native Soil serves a noble and timeless purpose: It honors those who died on 9/11, provides a cautionary warning against complacency among government officials and U.S. citizens alike, and reminds us that terrorism on native soil is a constant threat that must not be ignored.

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  • Mrbr6294

    The failures started with Clinton...apathy and ignorance was the name of the game. WE, as a nation became fat, bloated, lazy and ignorant and the same game continued under Bush. You want to point fingers, blame Clinton, blame Bush but most of all, blame ourselves.

  • B Lindsay70

    bhandar bush is an evil lying murdering two faced son of a witch.911,thats what happens when they make a cowboy, president of good old u.s. and a.bcoz thats what 911 was, a cowboys fuck up.not that bhandar cares, its not his sons + daughters out on the frontline.bhandar bush is most likely on the course saying (now watch this swing).completley not giving a fuck about you,yours or the brave souls giving there lives in iraq + afghanistan.i just hope michael douglas happens to walk through his golf course like in falling down(movie)when bush is taking his swing.

  • Hotzcan

    What this video shows is that with all of the money and BS to keep America "safe" from the "evil doers"  ( a Bushism) .  The simple fact is that there is NO safety, even from 4 amateur pilots with slow commercial jets limping around the nation under the radar.  All controlled by a guy in a cave in....oh yeah NOT IRAQ!!!!!

    ( I have noticed too, that no normal people called their local authorities, to report low flying aircraft over their neighborhoods)

    I know that NO plane without a Military transponder could even approach the pentagon....even in an exercise. 

    But it happened anyway.

    Great, lets keep the lie going.....It's good to see the failures of the system.  But ask yourself and look it up, if you think I am kidding.  What happened to all of the individuals responsible for this massive military and intelligence failure?   They all got promoted....Awesome!

  • pacpc

    Want to know what went wrong on 9/11? See this movie. While it was not as detailed as it should have been, only so much can fit in 2 hours. Enough data is included to prove that Bush and his administration were "asleep on watch". Even more, they made real effort to prevent disclosure of information, playing political games to cover their incompetence. To conclude less, you must not have watched with your eyes open. This movie has nothing to do with party affiliations. It deals with being an American, and demanding better from your government. I applaud the 9/11 families for their courage in taking on the Bush Administration, and holding them to account.

  • Craig

    As a 911 family member, I have seen and heard just about everything, I thought. But Linda has managed to put together a moving, compelling, provoking, disturbing, and telling true story of the before, during and after of 911. Her efforts are almost overshadowed by the efforts of the 911 family members who fought so long and hard to get a 911 Commission. This documentary leaves me with hope that more will be done, that there is hope for a bright future, and that there are still so many good and kind and loving people out there. But it also leaves me with questions about the future. Not my future for I am getting into my golden years now. It is for my children and grandchildren that I worry. This film begs the questions such as "Will anyone stand up and be accountable anymore?" "Will politicians continue to worry about getting votes more than providing us a secure place to live?" "Is profit really the end-all for corporate America or can these giants finally learn how to manage the bottom line and still provide security when needed for the Americna public?" See the film and start asking your own questions. Or better yet, start asking your Congress-person and Senator. To Linda and the 911 Family members who worked so hard to help so many, my thanks for honoring my wife and the thousands of others lost on that fateful day in September of 2001. God Bless.

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