Occupation 101

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A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict -- 'Occupation 101' presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions.

The film also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the United States in the conflict, and the major obstacles that stand in the way of a lasting and viable peace. The roots of the conflict are explained through first-hand on-the-ground experiences from leading Middle East scholars, peace activists, journalists, religious leaders and humanitarian workers whose voices have too often been suppressed in American media outlets.

The film covers a wide range of topics -- which include -- the first wave of Jewish immigration from Europe in the 1880's, the 1920 tensions, the 1948 war, the 1967 war, the first Intifada of 1987, the Oslo Peace Process, Settlement expansion, the role of the United States Government, the second Intifada of 2000, the separation barrier and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, as well as many heart wrenching testimonials from victims of this tragedy.


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  • Mark Bernadiner 6 years ago

    I saw this movie and have a firm opinion. The second intifada was
    ignited by fake and fraudulent footage on killing of Mahamad
    Drury by Israel soldier created by France TV. later analysis clearly
    showed that the France TV Channel intentionally fabricated the footage
    an the boy was killed by palestinian sniper. Fabrication of fake scenes
    to portrait Israel aggressor is a wide accepted practice. Western
    journalists and operators have been done this for decades; in the
    second intifada they had agreement with Arafat to fabricate anti-Israel
    news; in Lebanon war the worked for Hezbollar; in Gaza war - for Hamas.
    This is one more fabricated "reality" that fully contradict to the

  • shamtak raf3ak 6 years ago

    mmmmm u can find it on ur back maan !! and search good u can u can !!
    with love

  • Shuggaaa 7 years ago


    You know why we dont talk to Israeli's? Becuase they have learned over these last years that they can just lie about the scale of their crimes and get away with it.

    Isreal is an ILLEGAL state, based on a monotheistic religion, give me a break. Free palestine, and let Isreal burn..... save the children though...

  • Larry Q 7 years ago

    Abbabdon needs to study his history and spiritual. The occupants of modern day Israel are not the Israel spoken of by God. The state is, and some of the inhabitants are. But most of the people are not.Do you think God would want this for his children? These Zionist forces are doing what the Nazis did. I believe these people perpetrating these atrocities on the Palestinian people are not God's children. They are their god's children.

  • Miguel 7 years ago

    If americans take back their country this will stop.

  • Aztec2012 8 years ago

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  • Yehia Alami 8 years ago

    Thank you for this movie!!!! I've been trying to watch it and you really helped me to!!! But from where can i download it!?!
    Please reply!!

  • becs23 8 years ago

    free PALESTINE god if u exsist help tham...FREEDOM FOR PALESTINA FREEDOM ....respect the human life...

  • Bubbe 8 years ago

    Has anyone thought to question these so-called "documentaries"? Maybe some of you knuckleheads should talk to Israelis about Israel and not fall for the garbage the hate-mongers at this site have posted here.

  • bendouser 8 years ago

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