Mysterious Origins of Man

1996 Nature 2.62K Views 2 Comments
This documentary presents ancient artifacts that contradict the official historical perspective that mankind has advanced scientifically since the beginning of human history.

It’s not necessarily a deliberate conspiracy in the sense that some people getting together in a smoke filled room and saying “we’re going to deceive people”. It’s something that happens automatically within the scientific community.

So when a given piece of evidence disagrees with the predominant theory, then automatically people won’t talk about it, they won’t report it and that means that science fails to progress in the way that one would hope.

Although a lot of the evidence in this presentation has been highly debated and disproved, there is some evidence that is very difficult to dispute. The main purpose of this presentation is to show that the official view of human history is very questionable, especially the progression of knowledge in the sciences, mathematics, and spirituality.


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  • Bryan Dov 6 years ago

    Actually, humans only think they are really smart and adapted; enough to be really dangerous. Actually we are much more like a parasite that multiplies and consumes it host, until both the host and the parasites die. You probably don't even know what the hell I am talking about, which is the best proof. None of this by the way, says anything about G-d, since metaphysics is beyond negation by any physical rules, and one infinite being actually makes more sense than any other possible explanation. Though I would agree with you that "god" does not exist, since it is a greek word, and this concept is finite and limited by laws in some realm.

  • Waftist 6 years ago

    This is stupid, an octopus is closer related to an oyster than to us yet their one of the smartest creatures in the sea... evolution takes hundred and thousands of years to happen... We were the smartest species of human but not the most physically superior but we weren't the weakest either that's why we are here today its the survival of the fittest....not who "god" chooses since "he" doesn't exist