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A beautiful, profound, and passionate documentary by Simon G. Powell; Author of Darwin's Unfinished Business, Metanoia, and The Psilocybin Solution. This documentary will be a joy to watch for Psilocybin lovers and informative for those who have still not been introduced to this mystical fungus. After graduating from UCL in 1992, Simon G. Powell suffered an extended bout of 'mushroom fever' brought on by excessive psilocybin use. After this 'mushroom fever' subsided, he was left with a curious case of chronic biophilia. This soon developed into chronic gaiaphilia. This condition, which turned out to be permanent and quite stimulating, led him to write a number of unorthodox books - including The Psilocybin Solution and Darwin's Unfinished Business. He also felt compelled to write and direct two radical film documentaries: Manna and Metanoia.

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  • Jagin71

    Nicely done.....

  • mike

    Nice work truly enjoyed all of it. Look forward to further editions

  • Meacon

    Absolutely incredible!!! I am definitely going to buy your book!!

  • Wendell Wiggins

    This is such a beautiful film. I loved when he says that 'seeing a butterfly on mushroms can feel like a mythic experience' reminds me of living in Chiapas, Mexico after taking mushrooms I'd picked in the field and then seeing the most incredible butterfly closeup on a beautiful rainforest leaf. Purely mythic and magical  

  • Natural intelligence or natural consciousness? I believe that is the heart of the matter. Perhaps hallucinogenics are the quickest way for many people to access awareness despite the fact that awareness is the only thing we are, the very fiber of our being. Nice little film. Well done!

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