Living with Wolves

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In forested wilds beyond civilization one special creature has long haunted humanity. The wolf has lurked in our imaginations for the very spirit of wilderness mystique and menace. In 1990, filmmaker Jim Dutcher set out to capture the first portrait of the hidden private life of a pack of wolves. He was joined by a fellow naturalist and the two lived with a pack of untamed wolves for six years in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho. For centuries, wolves have been characterized as bloodthirsty beasts, tormentors of ranchers and the bane of helpless livestock. Determined to overcome this misconception, filmmakers Jaime and Jim Dutcher spent six years in a tented camp in the wilderness of Idaho, living with a pack of wolves, listening to them and earning their trust. Join the Dutchers as they share their extraordinary experiences living with the Sawtooth wolf pack.

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  • Apparently the whole concept of Alphas and Betas in the wolf pack is wrong

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