Living Free in an Unfree World: Stefan Molyneux

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Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio addresses the audience at the Libertopia 2010 conference in Hollywood, California. "Commentator Stefan Molyneux challenged his listeners to acknowledge the importance of unspoken consensus in maintaining the status quo and of resisting social pressure to treat the state as legitimate."

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  • Ped200014

    Everything we have and know comes from the earth at some point. Markets are means of harvesting resources essentially from raw materials, mixing and processing into random products, then selling them to others usually to aquire currency. Note Currency collection not barter or trade for services needed but hoarding on artificial collective objects deemed arbitrarily valuble. Gold has no more value to an anarchist than a piece of paper. Rice and meat mean much more. But I digress.

    The means to those raw materials first is conquered by groups of men with aggression over other groups of men to setup artificial boundries specifically for the resources contained within. I.E. government. Governments first, then markets spring from those forced resource boundries. Those raw materials are harvested and made into a myriad of products for consumption. A man can live without a government by harvesting only what he needs to live. An anarchist lives without markets. This Ayn Rand fad is suspect of corporate propaganda simply by its sheer stupidity. These people aren't anti-government, they're simply against government policies that are a hinderance to their will to have more than they need at the expense of everyone elses freedom. "government needs to get out of my way so I can rape and pillage because it's my inherent right"

  • Ped200014

    Wow that is incredibly banal. It's getting really boring listening to these wannabe vapid pseudo-anarchists cultishly upholding "free markets" while totally denying that markets are themselves a symbiosis of government in it's most fundemental state. Markets are a means of power that not merely coincide governments (boundry-property enforcement mechanisms), but are the primary reason the concept of a government exist in the first place. These people, "libertards," are nothing more than corporate brainwashing drones to capitalize on our societies adolescent intellect. I wonder who is funding them exactly?

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