Les Stroud - Off the Grid

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Les and his wife will explore the difficulty of building a 'green' home entirely off the power grid.


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  • Moses81908 5 years ago

    wheres the garden how about wheres the video

  • Liz_dragonfly 5 years ago

    Only one question..where is the garden? You got to have one.


  • the guy on "into the wild" died from eating the wrong berry from a plant.
    also since mankind has been around we have been using natural herbal remedies to heal and cure ailments in the body and mind. 
    also you dont have interest if you dont buy things you cant afford

  • Kjdfklajflk 5 years ago

    not a reality for most of us.  also, all the gas and energy it took to create this lifestyle may have made up for the solar panels and rain collection.  Also, solar panels take more energy to create than they can produce.  Basically you get to live in the woods and not depend on someone else so that is the point and they should have focused on that instead of "saving the planet."

  • Mkleinland 5 years ago

    MTV Cribs did a show on the finished home, it was awesome

  • Evrmc1 5 years ago

    great show very informative 

  • Fakeemail 5 years ago

    40 years payback for off grid PV with battery bank isn't far off...
    and PV isn't done after 15 or 25 years. There are panels made in the early 80s that have only lost 6% effeciency...

  • Guest 5 years ago

    The guy described in the book "Into The Wild" died of starvation and cold... Certainly its possible to live off grid, humans have always, until a few short decades ago.  It depends on your lifestyle; of course, now you have to pay for land and pay taxes or its seized from you; 150 years ago land was available for the settling on it and food, fuel and clean water were abundant.  Good luck if you got an injury or illness though.  We traded off a feeling of 'security'; nearness to medical care and grocery stores along with canned entertainment, and pay for it with a lifetime's worth of slave labor and interest payments.

  • M Parent 6 years ago

    Is there any followup about this movie? Did he finish it all?

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