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Les and his wife will explore the difficulty of building a 'green' home entirely off the power grid.

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  • Moses81908

    wheres the garden how about wheres the video

  • Liz_dragonfly

    Only one question..where is the garden? You got to have one.

  • Cal


  • Cal

    the guy on "into the wild" died from eating the wrong berry from a plant.
    also since mankind has been around we have been using natural herbal remedies to heal and cure ailments in the body and mind. 
    also you dont have interest if you dont buy things you cant afford

  • Kjdfklajflk

    not a reality for most of us.  also, all the gas and energy it took to create this lifestyle may have made up for the solar panels and rain collection.  Also, solar panels take more energy to create than they can produce.  Basically you get to live in the woods and not depend on someone else so that is the point and they should have focused on that instead of "saving the planet."

  • Mkleinland

    MTV Cribs did a show on the finished home, it was awesome

  • Evrmc1

    great show very informative 

  • Fakeemail

    40 years payback for off grid PV with battery bank isn't far off...
    and PV isn't done after 15 or 25 years. There are panels made in the early 80s that have only lost 6% effeciency...

  • Guest

    The guy described in the book "Into The Wild" died of starvation and cold... Certainly its possible to live off grid, humans have always, until a few short decades ago.  It depends on your lifestyle; of course, now you have to pay for land and pay taxes or its seized from you; 150 years ago land was available for the settling on it and food, fuel and clean water were abundant.  Good luck if you got an injury or illness though.  We traded off a feeling of 'security'; nearness to medical care and grocery stores along with canned entertainment, and pay for it with a lifetime's worth of slave labor and interest payments.

  • M Parent

    Is there any followup about this movie? Did he finish it all?

  • Philsground

    congrats on the lifestyle, its amazing how many negative people took the time to write bad comments, your not gonna get that hour of your life back it took to watch this doc. or the time it took to bash this guy. we wonder why kids are so negative and it starts with the parents..im also off the grid with a full solar and geothermal heating and cooling. hopefully you read this post and didnt like it so i can feel like i wasted some of your life also..

  • Daniel Shuford

    What a bunch of jackal's you guys are...sheesh! I enjoyed the film, and in fact all of Stroud's catalog. Stop hating on the Cannuck!

  • jackson

    40years for PV's to pay for itself? where is your source for that? Simply not true, do you think if you make a figure up people will believe it I guess maybe but only stupid people.
     Do not know how old you are but I am thinking if you were around in 1978 you would think the idea of "personal computers" and "electronic mail" are pure fantasy. Who could ever afford a personal computer! wow everyone knows they wont take off, like, they are way to expensive, and don't do much!
     What is your solution to the issues we have on this planet or dont we have one?

  • Aa


  • Conventional Power Works

    How's that off the grid thing going?  Not working is it?  Most Photo Voltaic (PV) projects take 40 years to pay for themselves.  Guess what, the PV cells do not last this long - they are done after 15 to 25 years - not to mention the degradation that occurs every year.

  • Lolno

    I heard you liked woods so i airlifted some wood into your woods

  • Gjmcco

    Les has been working towards his dream of living off the grid since the early years of his marriage. How can you say this is "completely inaccessible economicaly for the majority us". Jon Krakauers "into the wild" and bear activist Timothy Treadwell proved you can live "off the grid". Whether you have no money and only short time to prepare like Christopher McCandless or you have spent years of your life and put your life savings into living like this. IT IS POSSIBLE.  

  • Nick

    Okay, to everyone that thinks them introducing their kids to the going "green" life is wrong or bad, can you honestly say that our way of life is better? Look at their house now, i saw his house on cribs and it looks almost modern. I would much rather live the way that les is leading, Granted this is 9 times out of 10 very very difficult to manage economically (i personally would like to see how much he actually invested into his home to get an idea). The way they are living their lifestyle is not all that different than the more "modern" way of life most of us live, so how could you say that they are doing something wrong by bringing their kids along for the ride? But moving in general is difficult for children, so im sure the large scale move that they did WAS dificult but now it is back to normal and possibly even better.

    But these are just my opinions and everyone is entitled to their own.

  • Husker822

    That was an hour of my life ill never get back... as stupid as his survivor man series

  • Husker822

    That was an hour of my life ill never get back... as stupid as his survivor man series

  • Michael Aschenbrenner

     l think the thought of living the way these people looks a lot easier than what it is good on them it takes a lot of hard work ,at least they have given it a go 

  • Michael Aschenbrenner

     l think the thought of living the way these people looks a lot easier than what it is good on them it takes a lot of hard work ,at least they have given it a go 

  • Gafarmboy

    This has nothing to do with true "off grid". What a waste of money and Other peoples time..

  • Gafarmboy

    This has nothing to do with true "off grid". What a waste of money and Other peoples time..

  • Shona

    Money like Guns are just the objects. The core of evil are men. And man is depraved by nature.

    Something outside of man is needed to fix mankind's problem.


  • Shona

    Rough words...but point taken lol.

  • Shona

    Thanks for your insightful points on account of Les's lack thereof. Was a drag of a doco after a while and panned out to be like just another reality show. Les is just another 'Look at me' attention seekers. Real off the grid folks exit society quietly.

  • All money was our becomes blood money at a certain point.

    Fun to watch, but completely inaccessible economicaly for the majority us. I have been working towards living the self-sufficient life, off the grid for years. Whithout a fair amount of money to start with (not even talking about the expensive technologies, but simply to have acces to land, a cupple of tools, etc...) This film is really for the upper middle class yuppies who can easily afford land, a big new truck, a toyota 4X4, heliopters delivering materials, new tractor and machinerie, a bunch of paid workers, thousands of dollar of solar panels and equipment, etc... I am not saying the guys an asshole, I think he know's a lot of stuff. I am just saying his alternative vision is for elites. I believe that soon will come the time that the majority of us will be forced back to nature, but this video certainely doesn't reflect any possible ways of doing it.
    This was more an entertainement then something realistic. I have been surrounded with alternative thinking people, who look forward to live self-sufficient. We have been looking for ways to do it for years, really hard without money our a property(that's the case for the majority of us looking in that direction), thats all I can say.


  • Nick

    Good luck if you need urgent medical attention!!!

  • JoJo

    Les has done Survival Man in Africa and I'm sure is very aware . On second thought this message is pointless isn't it LOL

  • someone else

    the only problem with this doc is that he didn't give prices. i don't know what anyone else is talking about, i wasn't at all let down. he will never pay an electric bill or be subject to outages. or water or rent or anything. life is free. figure it out

  • Marco

    To echo the sentimients of others...

    How long will he have to live in this place to undo the carbon footprint of the helicopter?

    I am a long time fan of Les and I feel pretty let down by this documentary. I was expecting to find out about how to live a life that is simple and back to nature.

    Helicopters don't fit into that equation.

  • Marco

    For someone who thinks their education was second rate, you come across pretty well compared to some of the 'city' reared children I teach.

    Everyone is different - some children would love this upbringing and some wouldn't. Parents have to do the best by their children in the best way they know how - including following their own individual ideals.

    Parents in the city who lavish money on their children and make peer socialisation a priority can scew up their children too.

    I don't think you can impose your bagage on others.

  • BJ

    I don't agree with the comment that someone share about not dragging the kids into being environmentally friendly. That's like saying do give your kids a healthy lives. I Believe that everybody should teach thier children about going green it should be in the constitution. Thids is the only way to secure a healthy and liviable planet of tommorrow

  • Mike

    Wow, is this world and comment section full of a bunch of losers. If you dont want to live the life Les has showed you then say no thanks and move on. It takes a real loser to sit here and hate the man because he got off his butt and made money for his family. Are you sitting at home waiting for your handouts haters. Try getting off the couch and doing something with your lives rather than hating everyone who has. Great show Les and love the cabin. Keep it up and to hell with the want to be haters!

  • Kitty

    You have a point.

  • I used to think zeitgeist was a very noble movement too untill i watched a fiction film called THX (new world order) from the 70's. Too scary to be considered..s h u d d e r s !!!

  • Trent

    Sure, the cost of this project not everyone could afford... but how nice would it be? WOW as for the negative ones out there, you are exactly why our natural resources and family values are going to hell... Just think about being able to spend one on one time learning from and teaching your family... Stop thinking that you need people other than your family...Trust me they will not be there in the end... Les great job and we would love to see how you guys have grown in a new episode...

  • CJ

    Hey, morning all.

    Woke up this a.m. made a good cup java, lit the wood stove and turned on my lap-top powered by solar and connected via a satellite dish. My lady and I have lived this life for 11 years. Almost identical to your setting. We keep 50 chickens for food and sell the eggs at $4.00 per dozen. Enough $$$ made to buy most living essentials.

    Our home is 2 kil from a road and located on a lake shore. We have a log cabin, 30 by 30 heated with wood. Very warm in the northern ontario winters. Our 2 cats (keep the rodent population down) and our 2 dogs keep bears and wolves away...or @ least warn us of the presence.

    Loved your show and life philosopy. I to play many musical instruments. We have an extensive library and have numerous hobbies to keep us busy. Never a dull moment.

    The only difference in building our home is that I did it slowly and mainly with muscle power. It is a rewarding life style where one can find inner peace and happiness. All visitors love our home and wish they could have the same life style but for some reason are unable to make the step in it,s direction.

    PS I can tell that you and your lady, children to, are good people. You are welcome by our camp fire anytime.


  • Antonio Siracusa

    An interesting look at what is possible however I believe that the Zeitgeist Movement / The Venus Project is the best path to go down if people want to embrace a nature-surrounded lifestyle such as this. It makes more sense to use technology in order to live as close to nature as possible.

    Google The Venus Project and watch the videos. The answers to a better are right there if you have an open mind and try to re-condition your mentality around money and materialism.

    Money is truly the root of all evil. Look at all the negative posts on here and they all come down to the same thing...the money being spent and not having the money to do what Les did. If we can eliminate money from society then everyone will be in a better place.

  • Bax7a

    Such a rude post, and to end it with "Dowsing is real" Pffft!!! Are you happy with who you are?

  • Avigail

    I think its fine if you want to do this as adults, however to drag your kids into it is definately not fine. As a 'kid' of parents like you, raised in the 'wilderness' with only animals and parents to commune with (who are both usually 'busy' doing their own things). If bush and animals were all one needed to live a fufilled life it would be fine. Unfortunately kids need much more. This lifestyle only provides a very narrow education, social output, economic choices, lifestyle choices for your children. I am now over 40 and still trying to 'recover' from such a childhood. I have tried to raise my own family without social skills , without proper education, without confidence to deal with real people in the real world in real time - All thanks to my parents "Wilderness experiment" and "lets play farmers" using kids as labour, which they just assumed I could do as well for the rest of my life without resources. Wake up! This damages your family and takes generations to recover from. Incredibly selfish.

  • jimoerike

    I could not even afford one of those kyacs much less an adventure, where does your money come from? your financually secure? Nice show but not obtainable by the likes of me a vietnam vet on social security

  • rrpostal

    One word: Dousing

    You honestly portrayed dousing as a viable and realistic way of accomplishing something other than throwing away money and being scientifically naive. I was just starting to entertain watching the show when you broke out that nugget. What other magic will you turn to as you go "off the grid". It's no wonder you would see "the grid" as something bad with such a bad sense of reality.

    I'm actually quite sorry to be so negative. Les is a pretty amazing guy and the family looks like genuinely good people. I really wish them the best. But there may be people watching the show for practical ideas. Magic has no place when every decision means so much more. Every single thing that was said in that little part was so counter to science and reality that I couldn't go on. Ypu would have had an equal chance of finding water if the "diviner" had thrown chili peppers over his left shoulder on the waning moon... and then dug randomly.

  • Sarah

    Loved it! Thanks for all the valuable information. My husband and I are really looking forward to getting to this point. Thanks Les!

  • Dion

    we managed to survive on nothing but what the wilderness and mother nature gave us so why cant we now? i love camping and going outdoors and i am a big fanatic on survival skills so im gona do the best i can with what i can get, it will be hard at first but isnt everything?

  • Ray

    The film was interesting, but Les showed the wrong way to do it. First he had no plan going in. He kept talking about having to make money, well no wonder how much did he piss away on equipment, outside workers, helicopters and a second building that was being constructed before the main living area was finished. All he kept spouting off about was not having to pay an electric bill. How much was his electric bill? One doesn't move off the grid because of ones electric bill. It usually because you want to get away from the government at all levels or just the surrounding morons. Me and my better half are making the move off grid later this year, around spring. We (her and I) will have a self sufficient dwelling. We are going in with a plan, the house is designed already, spent the last year doing so. It will have indoor plumbing with running water. Toilets and showers. A washer and dryer (dryer for the winter time) The front of the home will be a greenhouse for raising our own vegetables. As much as wish to commune with nature we will be eating some of our animal friends. Plenty of guns and ammo. If Les made this movie to be informational he didn't even get close other than showing 10,000 ways of not going about it. I would of liked to know what his financial outlay was. Cost of property, cost of equipment, cost of helicopter? I will have a Pinzgauer and it will have a winch on it in case I do get stuck. Oh one other thing, if a building inspector or any other uninvited trespasser shows up on my property, I will explain the facts of where they may get buried on my land if they should encroach on our privacy again.

    Actually this movie would be a good foundation for a reference book on how not to move of the grid. If I had time I could write chapters. Maybe I will.

  • Dave

    Great informative video. Really cool of Les to do this and I think it's very in tune with the way people are feeling today. People dream of getting out of the urban jungle, sitting in traffic, waiting in lines and want something more oriented to family living.

  • Daniel

    the message is definately a good one, but i just find that bulldosers, and chainsaws, and trucks, and stirofoam sealings are too far away from nature...

  • Anjelica

    henry David Thoreau faked most of that nosebleedingly boring book, i downloaded the audiobook [free at librivox!] the guy who read it did the best he could but it was a letdown to learn that the dude thoreau was a fraud. if you want to get off the grid you need help like the amish i would suggest people set up a site like a dating site only its a "free state colony" asking for like minded families

    it might be more successful but i dunno, making real life seem more difficult than doped life has been a new world order specialty

  • Brad

    I both agree and disagree with what was said in this documentary. Valid points have been made about the obvious financial cost of establishing this off the grid home and the fact that the children are essentially being deprived of a social life (although I'm sure not entirely). The fact remains however that a large percentage of the industrialized world lives in cities and suburbs and doing it the way he did with 150 acres in what looked like the middle of nowhere is simply not realistic or really even sustainable. If everyone that lived in cities decided to move to the country and get back to nature then we wouldn't have any nature to really get back to. Let's not forget that suburbia originated from the exact same idea of getting back to nature and look where that got us. Uncontrollable sprawl and endless cookie cutter homes devoid of all individuality.

    I believe the true answer is to utilize the technologies he was talking about like solar and wind to replace current power sources inside dense cities that reduce the human footprint on the world around it and allow for a place to escape to when you need to get away.

  • Eric

    The nonsense about water magic was annoying; I think sustainable living ideals should be mixed with state-of-art scientific thinking if it is to become a mainstream concept. No need for nonsense, eh?

  • YURI

    omg its Survivourman..woohoOOO

    good philosophy...peace


  • Francisco

    I liked the documentary, and yes the self sustainable living also sounds great, but it looks like it's actually more costly to do then he said it was. All the equipment, tractors, contractors helicopters he used definitley isn't on the cheap side, but maybe in the end the investment is worth it. He should tell how much money was invested in the end though. I'd love to see a 5-10 year later mini documentary on the same family and house, to see how everything is going.

  • coser

    That is a dream of a foolish man. If you have tehnology why not use it? if you have roads why not live next to them? If you have kids, why torture them in living with no friends? You think a bike trail will do the trick? or a sky hike? Be real man... That is just a dream. There are real problems you are about to face... if not already. If feel sorry for the kids, and you... onece you realize that is too much of a sacrifice what you have done.
    People are sociable creatures, without friends... i can't imagine a saine live.

  • christafari

    What's w/ all the haters commenting on this page, man??? Here's a man, taking the oppurtunity to better his life, and to teach you Walmart shopping, Mc Donalds eating, Ringtone buying, MTV loving couch potatoes how to actually survive if the sh** hits the fan!! I mean, seriously, are you people thankful for anything, except for your Ipod, your Xbox and your porn??? I don't have the money to do it either, but if I did have the money, I'd have some idea of how I can begin or I can adapt and create my own way to accomplish some of the things he has taught me. And yes...dowsing is real. Learn something, losers!! I still love you all!!

  • ian hayden ferreira

    i admire the guiding philosophy

    i am doing something similar

    much less brute force and modern technology

    no city time scale either

    queen charlotte islands bc (haida gwaii)

  • Fantebukowski

    So uh.... what kind of money did this dude have to blow on all of this? Helicopter flights, mini-lumber yard machines, hired specialists... And this guy is a musician and filmmaker... Where's the money coming from Les? Are you a banker? Sounds great if you have thousands to spend. Guess I better start a career as an amateur filmmaker and musician.

  • mustafa

    this is stupid half the planet lives like this with 1 dollar and less per day living in nature and having nothing go to afric or asia rich americano les and bring your blonde wife they live in nature there and have no electricity and no grid what a jackass

  • CaliforniaSuperLoto

    if they work then is not outdated.

  • huh

    lame...outdated technologies

  • mike lavoie

    sure good thing to do if you can all work together at it....looks like you all did. good for you.i enjoyed it a lot ,thanks.......my sister lives in the woods in a camp all finished, way off the grid also with solar power here in the backwoods in northern.N.B. tahoo. now that,s all we need . all need more spiritual revelations.

  • Bunnington

    Les is a great. Love his show and his info and that he's Canadian!

  • Patrick Wheelhouse

    You got it right Les, and you are lucky to have found such a wonderful woman as Sue. I can't wait to get off the grid :))) Peace & love to you and your wonderful family :)))

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