Israel’s Secret Weapon

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Mordechai Vanunu, Israel's nuclear whistleblower, was jailed in 1986 for publishing photographs of Israel's nuclear bomb factory at Dimona. Olenka Frenkiel reveals the extent of Israel's nuclear gagging. The Sunday Times Revelations hit the press in October 1986. Vanunu has spent 17 years in jail, a11 of which were in a minute solitary confinement cell - and he has just had his appeal for parole denied. He will stay in jail until 2004, when his term is expected to end.

Sunday Times journalist Peter Hounam heard rumours in 1986 that an Israeli whistleblower was offering proof of what the world had long suspected. His revelations confirmed that Israel was building advanced nuclear weapons. After the Sunday Times published this scoop, Vanunu was kidnapped in London by Mossad agents and illegally smuggled back to Israel. He was tried in secret and convicted of treason and spying.



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  • beverly eckert 7 years ago

    Isreals true secret weapon is in maintaining the lie of the holocaust. Now that the world is learning there were no commercial plane crashes on 9/11....we can never again rely on video, witnesses, photos, and film provided to us by "authorities" as to the verifiabilty of a world event. These were lies for the ability to harm anyone in the world at anytime based on their evidence. There were no commercial plane crashes on 9/11 and the long arm of the law with regards to the holocaust is a lie.

  • It's in French :(