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Iran’s nuclear program presents a threat to international stability. Yet successive American administrations-Republican and Democratic alike-have misread the intentions and actions of the Iranian regime. How dangerous is a nuclear Iran, even if it never detonates a weapon? What are the guiding principles of the Iranian leadership? To what lengths would the regime go to carry out its agenda? How far have Iran’s leaders already gone to fund the world’s most powerful terrorist organizations? And why have American leaders failed to gain the upper hand in relations with Iran during the past 30 years? In approximately 60 minutes, Iranium powerfully reports on the many aspects of the threat America and the world now faces using rarely-before seen footage of Iranian leaders, and interviews with 25 leading politicians, Iranian dissidents, and experts on: Middle East policy, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation.
  • Iranium documents the development of Iran’s nuclear threat, beginning with the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the ideology installed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini.
  • Iranium tracks Iran’s use of terror as a tool of policy, beginning with the 444 day seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, through Iran’s insurgent actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Iranium details the brutal nature of the Iranian regime to its own citizens, and the Iranian people’s desire to rejoin the international community.
  • Iranium outlines the various scenarios the greater Middle East and the Western world may face should Iran cross the nuclear threshold.

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  • Tim Caffery

    Ha, the glorious humor of capitalists. This video was pulled because of copyright, huh? Seems like the issue, or case, isn't important enough to actually get out there despite making a profit. I do remeber Sean Hannity promoting this doc as "his" so of course it is going to be full of Neo-Con ideology and habits, of gathering information to inject fear into the public. I am sure I would've loved this but don't regret not seening it.

  • vonFritz

    A perfect example of humanoids who are able to sense their low evolutionary value, and therefore trying to show that they are worth something to the rest of the world, as in fact they sense they are useless in the age of robotic labor.
    Unfortunately the islamis are unable to think of anything smarter than blowing themselves, the planet and us. I strongly recommend and sustain someone blows them off first, as they aren't changing their minds any time soon, and meanwhile making more and more kids, and creating therefore a huge aimless waste of resources.

  • j

    zionist lizard propaganda

  • mazdak

    Iran has never and will never support terrorist groups like al quada and the taliban purely because they are enemies of the Iranian Shia state. Iran will not be able to obtain nuclear weapons due to the sactions and will never attack any country if it has not been attacked itself. History of Iran has proven that. This video does not taken into account over affairs in Iran!

  • mazdak

    completely bias video. Simply Isreali propoganda and should not be watched. This needs to be removed.

  • Troof

    Israeli propaganda, plain and simple.

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