How Weed Won the West

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From the creators of American Drug War the long awaited sequel How Weed Won The West delves deeply into the culture and commerce of cannabis featuring California’s ganja growers, medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates. Kevin Booth’s vivid document from behind the front lines of the “war on pot” blows the lid off a multi-billion dollar industry on the verge. This is a must-see film because it destined to become an icon of the marijuana anti-prohibition movement. Even to someone who has not consumed weed in decades, this film definitely opens anyone’s eyes concerning the detrimental economic, social and human ramifications created by marijuana prohibition. It takes the viewer through a journey of real life stories involving the relatively new California legal marijuana industry using a refreshing angle which does not focus strictly on the medicinal value of marijuana. The widespread responsible consumption of marijuana for personal recreation and mood enhancement is addressed as well. While there are many light and entertaining moments which are implied by a somewhat playful title, the subject matter and the production values of this film give it a serious historical position as an iconic mainstream documentary film.

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  • JJam

    Great doc! Up to date, informative. Our goverment really needs to get with the program and legalize Marijuana. Never mind the profits for the big pharmaceutical companies-god forbid they lose those 10 vacation homes, several islands, yachts..never mind the summer home, winter home, other homes purchased (and empty 'cause how many places can you live at one time?!)..don't forget those huge corporate bonuses at the end of the year! We, as the so called "Free America" are being tied and gagged on this subject severely. 7 billion annually spent on the "War Against Drugs"?! I can think of many, many things ths money could be used for...our schools (!)...Except the only drug they're trying to eradicate is Marijuana, ironically a natural plant--weed, not even a a plant and it works wonders! Never mind the other plant next to it which is opium. That can stay because pharmarceutical companies have found a way to market opium and of course that's legal! They can't market MJ so let's just keep it illegal, kep arresting people for possessing it, overcrowd our jails more-all because you had some weed on you. I'd rather keep the jails for the people who deserve it. Rapists, murderers, child molesters, corporate assholes who scam people out of millions...people like this deserve jail, not the people who enjoy a weed. Open your eyes politicians and sanction it.

  • BlogShag

    This is the best documentary I've seen on this subject, however, you don't show up to court in an army t shirt and jeans(50min:41sec) What the hell is wrong with people?

  • mary

    'the union' is great movie
    this is really good as well

  • gimme a ciggie

    God I hate Alex Jones

  • Eric

    Great doc, up to date and important.

  • Shawn

    this shows all sides of the marijuana argument
    i vote yes to legalizing this plant
    wow natures under arrest
    spread this movie to none smokers

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