Homeless: On The Streets

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Over the course of eight months, director Penny Woolcock explores the world of homeless people. She discovers the problems they face sometimes have little to do with a lack of shelter, but stem more from their past lives, and finds out that despite the best efforts of different charities to move individuals into accommodation, the streets are often where they feel safe. Filmmaker Penny Woolcock spent eight months in a parallel world, the world of the homeless, befriending people and finding out where they eat, sleep and socialise. While making her film, Woolcock realised that the very real problems of homeless people have very little to do with the lack of a roof over their heads or a bed to sleep in. Their problems come from their past lives - and are less easy to remedy. Despite the efforts of different charities to move people into homes, the streets are often where they feel safe and what they know best. In this moving documentary, Woolcock gives the seen-but-unheard residents of London's streets a voice.

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  • Margaret Griffin

    It was a beautiful video.  My heart goes out to all those good hearted people..bless them all.

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